Best Nightclubs in Rio de Janeiro

Best Nightclubs in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Rio is one of the top nightlife destinations in the world, known for all-nighters and clubs where seemingly anything goes. It’s also known for some of the classiest, higher-end venues in the world, where cover fees sometimes become extravagant.

The area where the most affluent partygoers migrate is the Lower Zona Sul region, where most clubs include long-legged beauties, bottle service, ritzy scenery and high-rollers unafraid to drop thousands on a single night. As with many high-end areas of the world, many of these clubs are picky about who gets in, and it’s not uncommon for celebrities like Lady Gaga or Shakira to show up at the door.

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For travellers without endless money to spend, the Upper Zona Sul has more relaxed nightlife with standard cover charges and plenty of casual travellers and backpackers enjoying various types of dive locations and semi-formal clubs that are also plenty of fun.


Bar do Copa

The major advantage with this upscale club is that it’s part of the luxury Copacabana Hotel. This means the guests of the hotel are allowed free access into the place, while outsiders must face the typical scrutiny of bouncers and exorbitant cover charges. However, this does not mean that travellers should altogether avoid the place. A visitor of Rio may find this to be an ideal location for a night out, if they’re willing to spend a little money. The reason is because this huge luxury lounge is a go-to place for Rio’s ritzy and successful, as well as a common stomping ground of upscale international travelers.



For those seeking a lounge atmosphere over a dance club, Boox is one of the more luxurious of such venues in Rio. Wrapped in velvet with crystalline chandeliers, Boox is a social club first and foremost, and the presence of the rich and famous is fairly common, with supermodels periodically spotted in the lush interior. In addition, the menu is world-class buffet with a pastiche of different high-quality dishes from around the world.

Most people can get into Boox, so long as they are willing to invest some money into the experience.



Located in Barra da Tijuca, this is a major dance-floor venue in Rio focused on a more casual demographic with jeans, collared shirts and no cover on certain nights. Nuth becomes packed on weekends with DJs blasting the best regional mixes. Many people come for the music, but stay for the company—as visitors report friendly and down-to-earth patrons that may include a special somebody who could end up your true love for the night—or maybe even a lot longer.

But regardless of whether a patron goes home alone from Nuth or with company—everybody who experiences this club is bound to have a good time.


In Summary

Rio is a city of extremes that range from the economic despair prevalent in some parts of the metropolis, to the highest-end clubs in the world where money seems to be endless. But no matter where one goes in Rio, a traveller who experiences the city—and its nightlife—will return with memories that are sure to last for a lifetime.

Date posted: 6th February, 2013

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