Best Nightclubs in Tokyo, Japan

The lights of Tokyo remain an epicentre of nightlife activities among both locals and gaijin (foreigners) alike. Tokyo features some of the trendiest clubs in the east, and Japan itself is a pop-cultural hub, where trends and fashion often originate before eventually propagating across the rest of the world. Travellers can enjoy everything from atmospheric lounges amplified by jazz to kinetic, fast-paced clubs that feature some of the world’s top DJS.

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This large subterranean dwelling is a popular underground Tokyo venue. Fans of electronic music will enjoy the large variety of trendy Dubstep and House mixes that are often spun by world-renowned DJs. The club is a popular place among twenty-something foreigners looking to experience a bit of underground nightlife, as well as anybody who loves electronic music. Eleven sports a packed calendar with top-name artists that frequent the venue on a weekly basis.

Stand S

One of a number of clubs located in Shibuya’s entertainment district; the vibe of Stand S is casual and is designed as more of a lounge with its laid back uptown metropolitan atmosphere. As anybody who’s been to Japan will know, the country loves a great variety of jazz, reggae and soul, and this club often features some of the best in the region. Whether bringing a date, or just seeking a place to chill-out, <i> Stand S </i> may not be as much of a dance-club, but it’s a great location to relax and enjoy a nice vibe.

Club Complex Code

One of the more eccentric locations in Tokyo is Club Complex Code. A hot-spot of Tokyo fashion and underground culture, it’s not uncommon to spot a lot of outlandishly dressed locals rocking everything from “Gothic Lolita” fashion to all of the latest and trendiest styles that are probably unseen in the West. This is a huge complex with three dance floors, multiple bars, screening rooms, cocktail spots, dining locations, and the top electronic music from around the world blasting through the speakers. As a place to observe Tokyo fashion and culture, few places compare.


Velfarre remains one of the most premier clubs in Japan, and perhaps all of Asia. Opened in 1994, the club continually books the nation’s top pop-stars and musicians for live performances, combining everything from New York House to straight-J-rock. It showcases the top fashions in Japan, hosts a wide variety of eclectic festivals and celebrations, and it’s a popular place for Japan’s rich, young, and famous to mingle. However, in spite of this, it’s more than possible for a well-dressed foreigner to get past the bouncer.

In Summary

People travel from across the world to experience Tokyo nightlife, and most gaijin will be surprised to find plenty of other Western adventurers across the streets of Shibuya and other major hang-out spots. From enjoying exotic modern dining options to some of the trendiest fashions and electronic music in the world, Tokyo will doubtlessly remain on the radar among international partygoers for generations to come.

Date posted: 24th December, 2012

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