Best of Thailand

Best of Thailand

Trekking outside Chiang Mai

Hire a guide and travel through the wild of bush outside of Chiang Mai. Wade in remote pools, jump into violent waterfalls, and traverse tiered rice paddies, all while staying in plank wooded cottages in remote villages. Ride an elephant or float down the calm creek waters on a bamboo raft, the adventure is up to you.

Water falls

Khao Sahn Road

A unique neighborhood in Bangkok known for it’s vibrant nightlife and open market is a major hub for the large number of backpackers trekking through Southeast Asia. People flocking up and down the streets, merchants hocking goods, and late-night enthusiasts and cheering in alleyway. Bangkok is a city that is alive 24 hours of the day,  swing through Khao Sahn to experience the life that the popular city has to offer.

Scuba Diving

Whether traveling to the West and plunging into the Andaman Sea or taking a swim off one of the many islands in the Gulf of Thailand, scuba diving is an excellent way to explore the unknown. Warm crystal clear ocean waters expose a colorful cornucopia of tropical fish living in an underwater city that is the coral. Take a boat from Krabi, Koh Phi Phi, Koh Tao, or Phuket for some of best diving in the world.

Hit the Beach

Translucent blue waters, white sand beaches,  and delicious seafood. Climb rock formations shooting from the sea, snorkel to discover some of the earth’s most beautiful creatures, or simply lay on the beach and just read a good book. Whatever you fancy, the beautiful beaches of Thailand will be able to deliver. Visit Krabi, Koh Phi Phi, Samui, or Phuket to find a delightful tropical retreat.

Thai Cooking

Thai food is delicious and extremely easy to find. Vendors pushing carts with small burners torching the bottoms of a well worn woks. Fresh vegetables and a bit of meat thrown onto a searing pan and made right before your eyes, one can feast on a fresh plate of fried noodles, Thai basil concoction, or some variety of curry, made with a coconut milk base. People in this part of the world enjoy extremely spicy foods, so be careful!

Thai cooking

Thai cooking

Anusan Night Market

Every night in Chiang Mai a large night market is thrown up in the town square. People from the Northern hill tribes selling vegetables and dressed in more traditional attire and a larger population of monks; solemn in nature, silent unless spoken too, and wrapped in saffron robes. Enjoy the laid back feeling of Northern Thailand and soak in all the sights and smells.

Silk Factories

Vibrant colors, intricate patterns, and an exquisite texture,  Thailand is known for a rich silk tradition. Visit one of the many silk producers throughout the country to have a lesson in this fine craft. Harvesting cocoons, pulling the fine threads, and weaving the material into clothing of all forms is a delicate business. Watch the tedious process in every phase as the luxurious material is crafted.

Find Adventure in Pai

Coming from the foothills of the Himalayas, the Pai River is a raging force to be reckoned with.  Hike through villages of the well-known Karen Long Necks, raft down rapid white waters, bathe in warm springs, and stay in harmonious jungle camps; these  are all part of the Pai experience and the fun to be had in the wilderness of Northern Thailand.

Elephant Nature Park

Visit the Elephant Nature Park to meet some of the friendliest and intelligent members of the animal kingdom. Try taking a ride on one of the massive domesticated beasts, fueling her with a bushel of freshly picked bananas. Sway back and forth on it’s back as you cross rivers, climb hills, and dip through gorgeous valleys.

Elephant Nature Park

Ao Phang-Nga National Marine Park

700 kilometers of coastline, islands, and a number unique rich forests, this is one of Thailand’s most prized natural preserves. Take a longboat to Kai Island to enjoy the rich undersea colonies of brightly colored reef filled with creatures of the sea. Bird watchers will be delighted to discover the Ruddy Kingfisher, the Mangrove Pita, and the Brown Winged Kingfisher, beautiful species native to the area. Stay in a quaint bungalow along the beach and enjoy the escape of a tropical paradise, with all the comforts of home.

Baan Krua

Cambodian and Vietnamese Mus1ims in the 18th century rallied and fought for the Thai King, they were rewarded a portion of the new capital city of Bangkok for their efforts. Today the Muslim neighborhood still exists and is one of the oldest areas of the city. Explore the silk tradition of the original weavers who brought the art to the region, taste a number of interesting foods, and explore the unique practices of the Bangkok Muslim population.

Clubbing in Pattaya

Bright lights, pounding bass, and some of the heaviest dance sessions in the world are all up for grabs in the city of Pattaya. Located on the Gulf of Thailand, the go-go clubs and the karaoke bars attract millions from all around the world every year. The flashy strip of Pattaya is only a few hours from Bangkok and can provide the perfect party getaway.

Biking in Phuket

Pedaling your way through some of Thailand’s beautiful countryside is the perfect way to experience this beautiful country. Phuket offers visitors the perfect opportunity to enjoy some of the world’s greatest landscapes. Navigate through the local trails up a hills and down the valleys  of the thick jungles of this rich tropical wonderland

Skim the Canals of Bangkok

Long boats carry passengers to number of ports located along the canal system of Bangkok. A great way to get around the city, alongside the water way is the location of variety of sheet-metal-roofed shanty-towns, large mansions, and floating markets giving riders a look into the underbelly of the city. Massive lizards bask on rocks, aggressive fish bite at the water as boats skim along. Allow, truly something to be experienced.

Skim the Canals of Bangkok

Flower Markets

Float through the delightful aroma of a market solely dedicated to flowers. Fiery yellows, reds, and oranges, majestic purples and pinks, flowers of this region are simply breathtaking. These unique markets, that easilyoverwhelm the senses, are a great way to explore some of the gorgeous flora that this tropical paradise has to offer.

flower markets

Temple it Up

Temples can be easily found in every city and dotting the horizon of the Thai countryside. Travel to the south to discover Wat Tham Seua and Wat Tham Khao tucked into the forest hillsides. Visit the historical park in Khamphaeng Phet province in the Northwest to explore the ruins of an ancient civilization. Respectfully observe Thailand’s Buddhist tradition when touring one of the thousands of temples found throughout the country, to fully appreciate these Buddhist lands.

Bangkok Temple

Get a Thai Massage

Dynamic stretches, compressions, and deep tissue massages. The Thai Massage tradition goes back hundreds of years and is a main attraction for  people looking for a bit of relaxation. Stop into one of the many Thai massage parlors to release a bit of tension and heal your aching muscles. Afterward, you’ll feel invigorated, loose, and ready to take on the travels of the day.

Thai Massage

Shopping in Bangkok

The stores and stands lining the streets of Bangkok offer a variety of Eastern and Western goods. Designer purses, sunglasses, cds, dvds, and shoes can be found for a minimal cost. This is truly a shopper’s paradise. Enjoy Burmese tailors offering custom made silk suits for a quater of the price, salesman sifting through the crowds whirling colorful glow stick contraptionsm, and locals playing a varodd instruments. Virtually any consumer product one would ever want could be found on one square block in Bangkok.

Bangkok shopping

Visit Museums in Bangkok

While not for the faint of heart, the Siriraj Medicine Museum can give interesting insight into the world of human anatomy.  Images of grotesque abnomalities, pickled body parts, mummified bodies, and preserved fetuses are all part of this wonderfully bizarre and horrific exhibit. The Corrections Museum, located in the former Bangkok Prison on Maha Chai Road, gives visitors a look into the notorious Bangkok correctional facilities Overcrowding, brutal torture, and horrific executions were all common activities in this since closed penitentiary for the most violent of criminals.

Climb the Stairway to Heaven

Gain a beautiful view of the city of Bangkok as you climb the 300 spiraled stairs to the top of this majestic temple.. As you walk the stairs chime the numerous bells that follow the stairs up. Once on top enjoy the peacefulness of the shrine and watch the sun set on the beautiful tropical city.

Date posted: 23rd December, 2013

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