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Looking for an adrenaline pumping ride that is sure to cause anxiety for even the most daring thrill seekers? There are many great ways to enjoy this unique experience, but there is perhaps no better way than on a roller coaster. Setting aside a day at the theme park to enjoy these fast moving rides is a great way to let loose and forget about the hassles of everyday life. The following roller coasters are sure to satisfy your thrill seeking urges offering all the twists, turns, peaks and valleys that you can handle. These are the world’s best roller coasters, so hold on tight and soon enough you’ll be swirling with some unmatched white knuckled fun.

For East coast thrill seekers in the US, the top rollercoaster in the land has to be the Bizarro ride, located at Six Flags New England. The high speeds of nearly eighty miles per hour and rapid elevation changes make this ride particularly extreme. This ride is well known for being one of the top roller coasters in the world and continues to keep the stomachs of its victims churning.

Six Flags New England

flickr image by ReneS

Crossing the country to California we find Six Flags Magic Mountain a storied theme park that is the host of the feared X2 rollercoaster. The gravity defying high speed loops and extreme elevation changes make the ride the king of the west coast and on the short list of the world’s top roller coasters. The gut wrenching, jaw dropping twists and turns will make your heart pound out of your chest and satisfy the needs of even the most discerning adrenaline junkies.

Busch Gardens in Tampa, Florida is another place to find some amazing rides. But the undisputed king of coasters at Busch Gardens has to be the Montu Coaster. With shoulder harnesses guiding its passengers through inversions and gravity defying stunts, the Montu Coaster is easily one of the top rides in this part of the world.

Bush Garden

flickr image by Brian Marshall

Cedar Point in Ohio is one of the top amusement parts in the world, housing some of the best and most thrilling roller coasters anywhere. The Maverick Coaster is not even the top coaster in the park and yet makes the list as a top coaster in the world because of the fact that Cedar Point Coasters have set the bar so high. The Maverick has a relatively smaller elevation change than more contrasting coasters however the high speeds quick corners and drops makes this zippy coaster an exciting ride to preface the big coasters with.

The Top Thrill Dragster ride in the same park is a throwback to the days of the classic wooden roller coasters. With speeds nearing 60 MPH and large, long drops that kill the riders with anticipation before lunging them downward, this ride is one of the great classic coasters and worth the price of admission in and of itself.

Next on the list is Apollo’s Chariot located at the Busch Gardens Park in Williamsburg, Virginia. This fast moving ride takes passengers to new heights and does so in the blink of an eye before bringing them back down to earth. The rapid elevation switches, inversions and high speeds at Apollo’s Chariot have made the ride a favorite among coaster lovers seeking a smooth but scintillating time at the amusement park. Maybe save lunch for after this ride to avoid ruining your outfit.

Apollo's Chariot

flickr image by Intamin10

The Diamondback Coaster located at Kings Island in Ohio is perhaps the fastest coaster in the world that offers the massive elevation rises and drops that thrill seekers love so much. At this park you have a nice variety of different coasters, however the Diamondback reins king and it is easy to see why long lines of eager visitors wait for their turn on the big back slithering coaster that can only be known as the Diamondback.

Coming back to Busch Gardens in Williamsburg we find the Griffon Coaster which gives park visitors a whole new take on high speed thrill rides. The floorless harnesses whip brave park visitors through the coaster at unprecedented speeds and along with the aforementioned Apollo’s Chariot which is also located in this park this may be the baddest two coaster duo in any amusement park. It is easy to see why so many visitors flock to Williamsburg every year to soak up the summer sun and make wind one these teeth chattering roller coasters.

Griffon Coaster

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Much like the Griffon Coaster, the Sheikra Coaster is also a floorless coaster that while similar in design to the Griffon, provides massive elevation disparity throughout the entire course of the ride. The ups and downs whip passengers upside down sideways and any other direction you can imagine in a whirlwind of a ride that will leave passengers speechless. The high speeds and plummeting drops will keep even the most daring souls screaming for mercy.

The Six Flags Great Adventure Park in New Jersey is the home of the Nitro Coaster which is one of the top rated roller coasters in the northeast. The length, speed, height and rapid drops are what make this coaster so special and though not as wild as some of the other coasters mentioned earlier, this coaster is no joke.

Nitro Coaster, Six Flags Great Adventure Park in New Jersey

flickr image by Jim, the Photographer

All of these roller coasters are loved and feared by amusement park visitors who flock to these parks and these magical rides for a little taste of fear and excitement. The twists and turns provided in these fierce adversaries should be more than enough to cure the inner dare devil. Each coaster offers its own unique take on what a top roller coaster should be whether it is the huge drops, whiplash inducing corners or 180 degree inversions. No one can truly say definitively what the best rollercoaster in the world is, however the one thing that is for sure is that all of these coasters deliver the excitement, fear and amazement that makes amusement parks so special in our minds and in our hearts. So get out there and try your luck on these fearsome coasters if you believe you are up to the challenge as these rides are not for the faint of heart.

Date posted: 21st November, 2012

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