Best safari parks in Africa

An African Safari has long been a dream vacation for many travelers looking for some extreme adventure in the African wilderness. Africa is home to some of the most beautiful nature and unique animal species in the world and getting out viewing this magical place up close and in person is a proposition that many travelers can no longer ignore, setting out each year to some of the many safari parks spread throughout the continent. This is an experience that shouldn’t be taken lightly and should be prefaced with thorough foresight.

Africa Safari

The following safari parks are the best locations to go experience the best of Africa’s wilderness from a viewpoint that will stay carved into your memory for years to come.

First on the list we head to Tanzania, the home of the Serengeti National Park. The Safari’s here are a stunning spectacle as the massive migration of thousands of animals begins here a movement that is unlike any other event on earth. This is a lesser toured park than other top Safari destinations as well and provides a much more authentic Safari experience. The stretching plains here are home to a huge population of cheetahs, lions, elephants and giraffes and the long flat topography is the ideal setting to view these animals from afar.

Of course we must mention Masai Mara National Reserve in Kenya which is the most popular destination for travelers heading to Africa to enjoy their own piece of the gorgeous Kenyan wilderness. The massive migration of wildlife can be seen here as well and the local tribesmen serve tourists interested in learning more about the area, its people and their customs and culture. This popular Safari destination will provide the most options for travelers and subsequently the best services that travelers expect while on the road.

Africa Safari

The Chobe National Park in Botswana offers a completely different Safari experience than the previous two locations. Elephants, Zebra, buffalos, and other mystical creatures call this park home and this is a great park for the Safari enthusiast on a budget as prices here are substantially lower than in other more popular Safari locations. The Late winter months are best here between July and September as this is the driest and coolest time of year.

Heading south to the southernmost location on our list we find Kruger National Park in South Africa. This area is home to an impressive array of wildlife and the gorgeous well maintained park makes for a cleaner and easier to navigate Safari experience. Though safari’s here may be more expensive than in other parts of the continent the nearby services and amenities are also of higher quality and the adage “you get what you pay for” rings true here. Kruger is home to some of the best roads of any park mentioned on this list and this is hugely advantageous for those looking for a smooth, but wild ride through the African wilderness.

In Uganda, the best place to see some impressive and rare wildlife is in the Bwindi Impenetrable Forest. This lush forest is the motherland of Gorillas and chimpanzees and the Safari’s here are particularly fun and entertaining. The area is also home to great hiking areas that boast unique plant life found seldom elsewhere. But all in all, it is without question the gorillas that are the biggest draw here and the up close in person encounters are what make this safari park so special.


In Zimbabwe, the Hwange National Park is a wonderland of nature and home to hundreds of animal species that are ripe for your viewing pleasures. This place is incredibly affordable and is fast becoming one of the top Safari destinations. Luxury Safari companies have set up shop here in remote locations enabling visitors to come and get a real feel for life in the African Wilderness. The area is the largest game reserve in the country of Zimbabwe and is particularly famous for its massive elephant population.

South Luangwa National Park in Zambia is the place to be for perhaps the best viewing opportunity of hippos. Lions, zebra, elephants and leopards are also quite common here and along with Kruger National Park in South Africa, is one of the top southern safari destinations. Victoria Falls are also nearby adding an additional incentive to visiting this part of the world and accommodation and top notch guided safaris are easy to find here.

Another top safari destination is Etosha National Park in Namibia. This stunning park is a wonderland of great nature and wildlife and campsites and safari tours are the popular here and resorts offering top notch accommodation can also be found nearby. This is one of the top tourist destinations in all of Namibia and without questions is still one of the great African safari destinations.

Ngorongoro Conservation Area in Tanzania is one of the top natural areas to view wildlife in East Africa as every species in this region can be found here. The area is also home to the world’s largest crater a wonder that makes for a great attraction itself. This area is also the place where some of the earliest human remains have been discovered and many believe that the very first humans once wandered this same vast area in East Africa.

There is no question that going on a safari can be the journey of a lifetime. The thrill of seeing the mystical creatures that we read about as children up close and in their own natural element is an experience that is unforgettable. The aforementioned safari parks are the best locations to view these magical creatures as they live their lives uninhibited in the wild just as they have for thousands of years. In this place it is easy to feel insignificant and realize that the beautiful earth we occupy is a massive planet with limitless wonders that we so often remain ignorant to. A trip to Africa to experience a safari with your own eyes can sure go a long way in changing our limited perspective.

Date posted: 27th December, 2012

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