Best secret island

Best Secret Islands

From Gilligan to a volleyball named Wilson, the fantasy of being lost on a desert island is something that has longed been fantasized in movies and by adventurous travelers. While carving out our own little spot on a beach in a resort town can give us a peek into this idea, looking at some of the lesser known beaches may give us a more authentic look into this idea. What many travelers don’t know is that there are many exclusive “secret” islands that we seldom hear about that can provide travelers with that alluring desert island experience. These islands range from compounds of the rich and famous to private resorts that cater to wealthy travelers looking to create this experience.

One such relatively unknown island is the island of Gozo in Malta. While many other Mediterranean locations are overrun with tourists, Gozo has remained relatively desolate and sparsely populated. This is a fun place to go explore as there is an ancient castle with ruins that date back thousands of years.

Another exclusive destination that enjoys gorgeous natural surrounding is Great Barrier Island in New Zealand. This isolated island is inhabited by less than 1,000 residents, many of whom live off the land or their businesses bringing the relatively small number of tourists here for exploration of the island. From Auckland, the island is just 62 miles away by boat and makes for an amazing experience when visiting New Zealand.

Great Barrier Island New Zealand

flickr image by peterjoel1

Another secret group of islands are the Yaeyama Islands in Japan, which are the westernmost populated islands in Japan. The beautiful well preserved forests and cultures on these islands are particularly intriguing and snorkeling is a very popular activity here as well. The white sand beaches are amazingly untarnished by tourism and though technically part of Japan, these islands feel distinctly their own making for a great relatively unknown place for exploration.

Of the three hundred and seventy eight islands in the San Blas Archipelago in Panama, only 49 are populated and these small Caribbean islands are stunningly beautiful. The island have been featured in the hit television series Survivor and the well preserved culture here is due to the island relative isolation to the outside world and its peoples efforts to carry on living traditionally as they always have here. With great snorkels and desert islands in all directions this place is a island lover’s dream.

For unbelievable terrain that appears to be straight out of a Sci-fi movie, Socotra Island in Yemen is provides just what you are looking for. In 2008 the island was names a UNESCO heritage site for its unique natural landscape. Though the island is inhabited it is not a hugely popular tourist destination adding to the allure of this gorgeous location.

Located between Krabi and Phuket, Koh Yao Noi is a island destination that like other in the area is quickly growing in popularity. While the island is currently relatively unspoiled by tourism, growing numbers of travelers are coming here, often from Krabi or Phuket, to tour the gorgeous natural scenery. If you plan on seeing this island in all of its glory you may want to visit the island sooner than later as nearby islands have given up their natural beauty in favor of mass tourism in the past few decades and it may not be long until this happens here as well.

Koh Yao Noi Island, Phuket

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The entire island ofIle de Port-cros in France is a national park and this gorgeous island is home to crystal clear waters and five forts, two of which are open for public exploration. This little deserted isle in the South of France may make you wish you never had to leave and travelers come here to carve out their little piece of paradise before having to head back to their host island. With gorgeous nature, great snorkeling and an ideal Mediterranean climate, this island is a great find for explores touring the forgotten islands of the Mediterranean.

Speaking of small gorgeous islands in the Mediterranean, let us not forget Marrettimo located in the Egadi Islands west of Sicily. This mountainous island is similar to Sicily in its topography but is very sparsely populated. Outdoor activities are plentiful here and the hot Sicilian Sun mixed with the untarnished soft sandy shores is what makes this place so special. From Donkey trekking and hiking to Scuba diving and fishing, this is the ideal setting to experience a private little island without the busy crowded feeling that usually comes with a Mediterranean vacation. A quick ferry ride from Trapani will get you here and guided tours and activities will be awaiting your arrival.

Currently this little gem is going the way that so many Caribbean islands before it have gone and the Scrub Island Resort Marina and Spa are in development. Scrub Island located in the Lesser Antilles of the British Virgin Islands is a beautiful Caribbean Island that boasts the warm blue waters and soft beaches like other nearby islands, but until recently has remained relatively unpopulated. Pirates and buccaneers once used this islands and other nearby islands as a haven which adds to its allure as a desert island. This little piece of paradise can be a great place to come and enjoy some R&R at the soon to be high end resort that is being constructed.

All of these gorgeous islands fit the bill as lesser known places where travelers can get away from the crowds and enjoy a more private island experience. However just as you are discovering these little island treasures so too are other eager island hoppers looking for the exhilarating feeling of finding a little private beach to call their own. It is inevitable that the world is becoming a smaller more accessible place and this in essence makes every one of these secret island not so secret. Still these gorgeous locations are relatively untarnished and awaiting exploration by brave islanders like you. Just remember as we explore and lay claim to our secret stretches of shore that we inadvertently begin to kill the privacy that make these little seaside enclaves so special to us.

Date posted: 14th November, 2012

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