Best Shopping Destination, Bangkok, Thailand

Best Shopping Destination, Bangkok, Thailand

Can you imagine a city of 12 million people with a market on almost every corner? Your ultimate deal destination from malls to markets is none other than Bangkok, Thailand. Unless you only frequent larger shopping malls, Thais run on the cash only system. Stock up on Baht and make sure to have small bills, it will make every transaction a little easier. Every Saturday and Sunday the famous Chatuchack Weekend Market attracts over 200,000 people, with over 15,000 stalls, vendors, and stands, this market is a maze of thrifty deals. The merchandise spans from souvenirs, silks, animals, food, and everything in between. If you can’t find it at Chatuchack, it’s not there. The market has an extensive art section, designer clothes, and even boasts an onsite shipping agent to expedite your purchases right to your door. The market is easily accessibly by subway or sky train. Arrive on Sunday afternoon for last minute weekend deals. Grab a map from the information center or just wander about.

Siam Paragon

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The major malls in Bangkok are Siam Paragon, MBK, and Central World. Siam is the crème de la crème shopping destination and not for anyone on a budget. It’s not uncommon to see a Thai pop star or a section of the mall closed because of a royal visit. It’s a classy atmosphere with a variety of international cuisine in the food court area. Just down the road, MBK is a mix of market and shopping mall in one. Level three is a great place to barter and find name brand clothing for insanely cheap prices. The vendors are side by side and will often drop prices from their neighbor competitors.  Many of the stalls will also tailor jeans or dress pants while you continue shopping at no additional charge. Central World is another high end shopping mall and a frequent hang out for teenage Thais. If you’re looking for trendy fashions or shoes, it’s got a lot to choose from.

Tesco Lotus

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The real bargains are at any of the many night markets in town. Tesco Lotus is the main grocery store in Thailand, out front of the stores in almost every small neighborhood local night markets pop up with deals on clothing, accessories, and even cell phones. If you see something you have to have, purchase it on spot, there’s no guarantee you’ll find it again. Take the BTS Sky Train to Victory Monument Station for a fabulous open-air night market. The Victory Monument market has an incredible selection of cheap jewelry, polos, and tons of shoes. It’s a great convenient spot to get a last minute outfit or gift. Just next to Lumpini Park, the Suam Luang Night Market is a popular place to shop or grab a bite to eat at the outdoor beer gardens.

Bangkok Markets

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They have rows and rows of fake bags and souvenirs to choose from.  If you’re any of the neighborhoods surrounding metropolitan Bangkok, check out the local night market spots. In Bangkapi off Lad Phrao visit the Tannaman Market next to the mall. The front section selling electronics and clothing is comfortably air conditioned, but the real deals are in the back outside. The backend market is full of cheap finds from everything to dvds, purses, home goods, and more.  This is a traditionally Thai market so prices are geared to locals, it’s a good place if you’re a little shy to barter.

On the extreme other hand visit the red light district’s Patpong Night Market, located in Silom, this market will give you a look at the naughty side of Bangkok. Under the bright neon lights men will approach holding signs for ping pong shows and God knows what else.  The vendors will quote prices 3-5 times higher than at other markets, it’s still possible to get a deal, but haggle haggle haggle!  The best approach for sealing a deal is to actually walk away from the stall and look uninterested in the merchandise, you may find they’ll drop the price in half. Several of the smaller malls in Bangkok will also have adjacent evening and night markets throughout the city. Areas like Pin Klao, Bang Na, Ratchada, and Ratchayothin all have extensive markets from food vendors, clothing, and more. No matter where you are in the city of Bangkok, a market will pop up, enjoy the street food and late night charm of a shopping experience you’ll never forget.


Date posted: 9th July, 2015

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