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Best Spot for Dining – Penang, Malaysia & Florence, Italy

An island of international food you say? Penang, Malaysia sits on the eastern side of the Malaysia coast with a vibrant history and culture. The capital, Georgetown is a mix of Victorian architecture and Asian neighborhoods. Just down the street from the city center, Little India serves up fresh masala, naan, and incredible variations of Malay and Indian cuisine. Don’t be afraid to ask the waiter for a personal preference, they love talking about their food. The small corner restaurants will pack up with locals eating their tandoori chicken and fresh mango fruit shakes. You know it’s a good sign when you’re the only tourist in the spot. Most restaurants are open late and some are even 24 hours.

Penang Dining

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Sample the Thosai Masala, a thin naan wrap stuffed with mixed vegetables, served with three delicious side sauces. Each restaurant prepares their masalas and currys with a personal twist, creating a mouth-watering meal at every location. Hop just next door to Chinatown for fresh sweet and sour chicken, dim sum, or Chinese stir-fry. Many of the more budget friendly restaurants are outside and sit guests in casual plastic chairs. Don’t let the outdoor ambience fool you, the treat is in the kitchen. Chinatown serves up some of the freshest seafood and Asian delicacies for rock bottom prices. The island of Penang is also very vegetarian friendly, so don’t worry if you’re not meat friendly. Walk around Georgetown at night and sample the street vendor’s Malay tea. The Malaysians are serious about their tea consumption, and it shows. You’ll never go hungry in Penang.

Penang Food Dishes

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Next stop, no one can beat Italy when it comes to fine dining. The Tuscan region is world renowned for their cuisine, it’s no wonder why chefs travel all over the world to learn the age-old secrets. It may seem daunting to find the perfect restaurants and cafes in Florence, there are almost too many to choose from. If you’re looking for an amazing afternoon panini filled with the freshest meats, cheeses, and spreads, head to The Oil Shop. Once a tiny mom and pop dive with a long lunch line, this shop has grown in popularity and now multiple locations. For a worthy surprise, tell your sandwich maker to surprise you. I promise he will create an original and mouthwatering panini that isn’t even on the menu.

Florence Dining


There’s no stopping the Oil Shop, it’s becoming a Florentine legend. For the best of the best dinner locations, serving home made pasta, Italian sizzled steaks, and the best artichoke soufflé in town, make reservations at Quattro Leone. It is a tad on the expensive side, but you’ll soon see why, each dish is hand prepared by award winning chefs who truly love what they do. While traveling with a large group visit Trattoria Za Za in the Mercato Centrale. The outdoor seating is the perfect atmosphere for a lazy carbohydrate filled Italian afternoon. Try the mussels and the cheesecake, delicioso! If cheesecake is not your fancy, stop into any of the Gelato shops scattered all over the city, for a unique flavor, try pistachio or the most popular, dulce de leche. You’ll be hard pressed to find a bad restaurant in the city of Florence, the people and culture have put so much emphasis on the preparation and quality of their food, it’s the ideal diners delight!

Date posted: 11th July, 2015

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