Best Themed Restaurants in the World

Best Themed Restaurants in the World

At present, a new Moscow restaurant staffed entirely by a set of beautiful twins is a past concept, but that’s nothing compared to some of the bizarre eateries with craziest themes in other parts of the world. Think of a dinner on the loo.

Here are the top five best-themed restaurant in the world:

MagicRestroom Cafe, Los Angeles

Magic Restroom Cafe, Los Angeles

flickr image by Margalit Francus

The idea of sitting on a toilet is perfect in the toilet but a restaurant! Just crazy. Well, this has not stopped the Magic Restroom from making loos the focus of its new themed restaurant in LA. In fact toilet themed restaurant is not a new thing. For example, Modern Toilet in Taiwan, where chocolate ice-cream is served in toilet-shaped dishes, is an ordinary thing. With such inspiration, Magic Restroom owner YoYo Li has introduced toilet seats and a mix of Asian food. Example is Zha Jiang Mian, termed as “constipation” on the menu, braised pork over rice, as well as sundaes served in miniature toilet bowls. This seems crazy, but the experience is beyond what you are thinking.

Diner, Moscow

This makes it harder for one to stand in a city that loves extreme dining. Ranging from the beautiful vines and amphorae, (Tiflis, a Russian word for Georgian capital, Tbilisi), live goats (Shinnok), moving trams (Anushka) or waterfalls (Blue Elephant). At the Twin Star, all staff ranging from waiters to bartenders not forgetting the chefs are identically dressed like twins. The concept dates back in 1964 in a Soviet film where a girl winds up in an alternate reality and confronts her twin. If the Twin stars represent the new Russia with its modern design, the expedition is more appealing and unimaginable. Ingredients such as fresh berries, wild duck and mountain honey are served in this restaurant. In addition, you will find delicacies such as smoked venison, elk in aspic, sea urchin and sturgeon, served with some vodka, sea buckthorn juice or perhaps Baikal mineral water.

King, Taiwan

Taiwan is well known for themed absurdity when it comes to eating. Ranging from the drinks served in specimen bottles to wash down bread at the famous Modern Toilet, the dishes are rarely the primary draw. All this is ready in Carton King, a restaurant which is the king of theme. From the chairs to the plates and the walls, the whole place is bedecked in the brown stuff. The food is spectacular, with their stewed pork ribs and herb roasted chicken you are in for a delicious meal. Definitely worth a visit. Just remember to take photos just for memory.

Barbie Restaurant, Taipei, Taiwan

Barbie Restaurant, Taipei, Taiwan

flickr image by Jeff Belmonte

Barbie restaurant is home to all cute and fluffy things in the Far East. Whether its actual, real-life cuteness in the form of Tokyo’s cat cafĂ©, where pet-less people go to play and stroke with cats and kittens, the place is just spectacular. The most surprising thing about Taipei’s Barbie restaurant is that it is staffed by beautiful waitresses in bright pink tops, tutus and tiaras. The chairs are perfectly dressed in tutus, and there is enough food to sink a Barbie cruise ship. Pretty fantastic!

Royal Dragon, Bangkok, Thailand

Royal Dragon, Bangkok, Thailand

Well, if you thought that serving 2,000 diners a day in the Britain’s biggest restaurant, is massive, think again. The Royal Dragon in Bangkok is monumental. It boasts of the largest collection of living seafood tanks and more than 1,000 pan-Asian dishes. It’s all about the spectacle, ranging from traditional Thai and Chinese music, dance and martial art shows, and waiters walking on waters and flying through the air on zip wires. The dim sum buffet and well-set menus are the best value. Well, this will give a spectacular experience as you enjoy your meal.
Well, themed restaurants are one place everyone wants to go for the celebration and the top five above are the major places you don’t want to miss. Visit them and experience the fun.

Date posted: 10th April, 2015

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