Best White Water Rafting Locations

White water river rafting can be one of the most exciting and adrenaline pumping sports you will take part in. Whether you are totally new to the idea or have been white water river rafting before, you know that just the thought of it makes your heart pump and your blood hot.

The tricky part comes into play when deciding where to go. No matter your experience, you do not want to get ‘done in’ on a trip that should have been once in a lifetime. Research is important before taking on such a trip and, according to National Geographic, the ten best white water river rafting locations range from Alaska and Australia to Zambia and Zimbabwe.

Both Water By Nature and National Geographic agree that the Zambezi River, running between Zimbabwe and Zambia and on further into Africa, is a definite must. Not only does it have roaring water, but rich culture and true African wildlife as well. Warm weather will leave your skin sun-kissed while the thunderous waters will leave your muscles aching.

White Water Rafting in Zambezi River

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If you are one for snow-topped mountains and icy-cold water, Alaska will be happy to give you exactly what you want. With rafting trips on the Tatshenshini River, you will be left in awe by glaciers and frozen waterfalls while facing grade three rapids.

For something a little warmer, Ecuador should be on that white water river rafting bucket list. On an extreme trip on the Rio Upano, which translates to the River of the Sacred Waterfalls, you will find yourself surrounded by boulders and raw, rugged terrain, completely lost in the wilderness.

The Middle Fork, Salmon River in Idaho, America, is a must-raft. This trip on Idaho’s famous River of No Return and will take you past pine covered mountains and through clear trout water, giving you a visual experience you will remember for the rest of your life.

Salmon River in Idaho

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Chile’s Futaleufu River will take you deep into the serene beauty of the Las Escalas Valley, along the borders of two countries. You will be able to see Argentina’s Parque Alecres on the one side and Chile’s national huemul (deer) on the other.

Do not be fooled by the sweet name of the Magpie River, which flows through parts of Canada. This river offers grade four rapids, and adjoining rivers and high cliffs will keep you visually entertained throughout the trip. Your journey will take you through regions of eastern Quebec and you will be able to see the Aurora Borealis.

Be sure to add Nepal as one of your must-raft locations. The Sun Kosi River, which translates to the River of Gold, runs through the Mount Everest region. It offers narrow gorges and grade five rapids, while you are able to see the Himalayan beauty as you are near the border of Tibet. The rafting trip starts off slowly, so you are able to take in everything around you.

The Çoruh River in Turkey is one of the fastest flowing rivers in the world and you can be sure that you will be holding onto anything and everything you can find during this trip. You will be guided into the Çoruh Valley and experience both the eastern Anatolia and Black Sea cultures.

In Italy, the Noce River is fed by water from the melting alpine glaciers and it offers grades three, four and five rapids. Your journey will take you through the Val di Sol, or the Sun Valley, and the Mostizzolo gorges.

The last, highly acclaimed, white water rafting river is found ‘down under’. The Australian North Johnstone River offers everything that is exciting. Aside from being flown into the Palmerston National Park to begin your journey, you will face rapids that are classified between grades four and five. You will see beauty that can only be accessed by means of the river, making your experience quite unique.

If you are a white water river rafting freak, or if you are just starting to show interest in it, you can be sure that this sport will take you around the world, opening you up to different cultures and natural scenery.

There is no doubt that the best way to forget about the outside world and all of its problems, is getting lost in a unique wild terrain on a river that is more powerful than you can imagine. As human beings, we belong in touch with nature and nothing brings you quite as close to its brutality and beauty as white water river rafting does.

The surge of adrenaline through your body will drive you and you will be able to see your natural strength and rely on your instinct to survive in a world that is almost totally forgotten to city dwellers. You will discover what the human body is capable of and realise what modern technology has been keeping you from.

Date posted: 30th August, 2011

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