Bocas del Toro Panama

Bocas del Toro Panama

On the northeastern border of Panama, just before crossing into Costa Rica, there are a string of Islands known as Bocas del Toro. They are widely unknown to visitors of the region, but offer some of the most beautiful and peaceful attractions in all the country. If you consider yourself an adventurer, or seek unspoiled areas of the world, Bocas is a great place to visit.


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You may choose to reach the islands on one of the many local airline flights being offered daily. Or you might go the fun route and take a bus. Once off the bus, you have the added bonus of cruising across the placid bay in your water taxi, before arriving at a wall of colonial styled houses resting right out over the edge of the water. Make the most of the trip by enjoying the first stage, getting there.

Once on any of the nine islands, it is possible to become fully immersed in the local cultures. The mixture of Caribbean, Latino, Native Indian and European people offers the richest food combinations your tongue has tasted. Prices are traveler friendly at most places, but you can always find a specialty restaurant that will be glad to charge you more and give you creative cuisine.

Bocas del Toro Panama

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The beaches on Bocas del Toro are as unique as the food and people. Most of them are on the lagoon and bay sides of the islands, while maybe a handful can be found receiving the open waters of the sea. No matter which one you choose, you will be delighted to feel the tropical waters on your tanned skin. If you ask the locals, they can direct you to some of the quieter spots where you may have the whole beach area to yourself. Since the islands are strewn with mangroves, inlets and coves, you are sure to be surprised by what is looming just around the next vibrant bend. The smartest option might be to hire a local boatman for the entire day. He can load you up with an ice chest full of food and beer, and is ready to shift you from location to location, or just leave you in peace if that is what you desire.

Bocas is home to an awesome chain of caves filled by fresh water pools and bats. The surfing is top quality around Bocas as well, with many different reputable locations to choose from. Snorkeling and diving are two of the favorite activities at Bocas, offering calm waters full of starfish, rays, corals, and the chance to see dolphins. You may also choose to go sailing for the day, or maybe you prefer the privacy of your own kayak as you meander through the mangroves. Hiking the tropical jungles gives you ample opportunities to see monkeys and many of the multi-colored birds that live on Bocas. There are so many choices and so little time.

After your day of indulging experiences, you are certain to head out to one of the many nightclubs for a little dancing and cocktails. Just make sure that you do not get so caught up in the fun, that you miss out on the amazing sunsets happening all over Bocas del Toro.

Date posted: 2nd April, 2013

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