Brighton tourist information

Brighton tourist information

Even visitors who simply make the journey for a few great pictures of the Royal Pavillion can benefit from Brighton tourist information. However, if you are like most others, you have come to enjoy the seafront that’s full of nightclubs, restaurants, bars and arcades or to take part in one of the many festivals the city offers. Whatever your reason is for visiting, Brighton tourist information regarding transportation, currency, language, climate, etc., is going to come in handy.

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Nestled on England’s southern coast, the weather in Brighton is almost always warmer than the rest of the UK, allowing visitors more time to enjoy the endless supply of beach activities. Summer sees a pleasant average temperature right around 20°C with early springs. December through February can be cool but still, the temperatures rarely drops below 7°C. If you are looking for tourist information regarding weather, you should also be aware that October through January are the wettest months but no matter what the weather is doing, there’s always something going on around this city.

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The currency in Brighton is the pound sterling (BGD) and you can find plenty of places that handle foreign exchange around the city. Credit cards are widely accepted but you will find many retailers here ask you to enter your PIN to reduce the risk of fraud.

If you speak English, you will be delighted to learn that Brighton is an English speaking city, so language barriers won’t be a concern. This is a very safe city but if you encounter an emergency, call 999 for police or ambulance. Alternatively, you can ring 112 anywhere inside the European Union.

Getting around the city is quite simple, especially if you stop by the Brighton Tourist and Visitor Information Centre at Bartholomew Square to pick up maps and leaflets with helpful tourist information. Taxis are not as plentiful here like in other tourist destinations but they can be ordered with a quick phone call.

There is plenty of public transportation available but Brighton is a city easy to get around on foot or bicycle. The city is well pedestrianized and many tourist attractions are within walking distance from one another. There are also bicycle rentals and cycle racks throughout the city as well as cycle lanes nearly everywhere.

If you are looking for Brighton tourist information regarding transportation because you plan on doing a lot of exploring, there is an excellent bus service here that makes stops every few minutes. Bus passes are recommended if you intend on staying longer than a few days for the best value. Lastly, there is also an extensive train network here that can take you to other areas of the country. Hove Station and Brighton Station are both centrally located and seats can be reserved which isn’t a bad idea on busy summer weekends.

Date posted: 20th September, 2018

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