Budget Train Travel in Europe

Budget Train Travel in Europe

Train travel in Europe is one of the great ways to get around the many beautiful countries that so many tourists come through each year. While low cost flights exist through budget airlines, many times the added costs and fees are not worth it for travelers looking for a hassle free way to enjoy budget travel in Europe. Luckily this alternative not only provides this, but also is a great way to see many of the gorgeous landscapes in this part of the world. For those looking into this way of seeing Europe, there are many options available

Through the Interrail Global pass it is now possible to travel throughout 30 countries for a set period all for the price of one ticket. Depending on the time frame you chose, it is possible to see huge savings in utilizing trail travel with this pass. With packages ranging from 5 days to up to one month there are different options and prices available. The 5 days of travel in any 10 day period is the cheapest of the Interrail global pass at just 169 Euro for those under 25. For a full Months pass for those under 25 the cost is 409 Euro, and this is a popular option for those touring Europe for a substantial period of time.

While the prices for those who are over 25 are somewhat higher than the youth passes, they are still very reasonably priced. There are also children’s and senior’s discounts available for those who qualify. Many travelers prefer this way of moving around Europe as excess baggage fees and other annoyances that come along with budget plane travel seem to not be worth the minute savings. The Interrail pass also allows for great flexibility in seeing as many or as few cities as you would like for one fixed price.

The intercity rail systems are also very well developed in many cities. Travel in these stations is fast, cheap and safe. This is a great way to get around the city and see the many attractions a city has to offer. Keep in mind that late at night, intercity train travel can be higher risk for petty theft or muggings. Be sure to be safe and check the alerts for certain cities and the “at risk” areas in which you should avoid in the early morning hours.

Overall train travel in Europe is quite possibly the best way to get around easily while sticking to a budget. The fixed price and added flexibility make it a great option for your next European adventure.

Date posted: 26th April, 2015

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