Cape Town International airport

Cape Town airport

With quick check-in times, immigration, and customs, as well as efficient baggage handling, first rate restaurants and retail stores (over 100 stores and 45 shops), clean terminal facilities, and easy to reach terminals, baggage areas, and buses (all are within easy walking distance of each other), this airport has ranked among the top ten international airports in the world for the fist time in 2008. It also received Second place in the Best Airport ACI-ASQ Awards for Middle-East and Africa and was voted Africa’s leading airport at the World Travel Awards for the seventh consecutive year; although it is second in size to Johannesburg International Airport, South Africa’s largest airport, its immigrations and customs are run much more efficiently (due in part to its international arrivals terminal, which has the capacity to process 950 passengers per hour, and its international departures terminal capable of handling 1300 passengers per hour), its terminals are newer and cleaner, and overall their airport is easier to navigate.

Cape Town International Aairport

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Ranking among the best in terms of efficiency, passenger and baggage handling, cleanliness and maintenance of its facilities, and number of restaurants and stores, it is no wonder that Cape Town International Airport is ranked among the top ten international airports in the world.

Among the distinctions and specialties of this airport, the African art gift shops, medical clinic, and pharmacy are a few of the unique offerings that this airport features that are not found anywhere else in the world.

All restaurants and cafes serve South African beer, and many have full screen tvs as well. Expansion plans are also underway to improve the size and number amenities of this already impressive airport; these include the current construction of a new terminal, known as Terminal 2010, slated for completion at the end of 2009; this terminal will combine both domestic and international passenger check-in, a new retail mall that will connect all passengers arriving at the airport from parking facilities, public transport, and car rental facilities at the center, and provide an extra 2000 parking spaces as well.

Other expansion plans include additional runways, extensions to existing terminal buildings, and improvements to the roads connecting the airport to Cape Town; the cost of all of the above construction is projected to be R one billion dollars. Said to be preparing for the 2010 World Cup, this airport will no doubt continue to expand, improve, and grow in the coming years.

Date posted: 20th December, 2016

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