Carretera Austral –Biking the Chilean way

Carretera Austral –Biking the Chilean way

Bicycling on the Carretera Austral is one of the best experiences you can get in South America.

It is mainly an unpaved road that stretches to almost 1200 kilometres through a splendid and constantly changing landscape, and with a length of branched roads running either to the mountains or the fjords or further to the Argentinian Patagonia. Before this breath-taking biking route was opened, this Chilean land was largely isolated.

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The Carretera Austral,previously called Carretera General Augus to Pinochet, is Chile’s Route 7. This highway covers areas between Puer to Montt and Villa O’Higgins through rural region of Patagonia. Southern area of Los Lagos and Aisén Region are accessible through this route. These regions are not too populated in spite of the length.

The journey through this route will take you past vertical cliffs that have trees growing out of them, millennial forests that are unfathomably thick, burnt fields spotted with glacial wreckages, and numerous waterfalls flowing down right to the road’s sides while volcanoes and shiny glaciers nourish turquoise lakes and rivers- all full of unique flora found only in Chile.

Carretera Austral

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The Carretera Austral covers undeniably several breath-taking sceneries with its snow-capped mountain peaks, rich forests, freezing lakes and rivers in gorgeous shades of turquoise. Biking on this 700-mile segment of Chilean road might prove to be hard on you but the splendid memories that you will take from here are sure to remain with you forever.

You get to experience a bit of everything, literally, while cycling in Chile. The landscape is constantly varying which keeps you amused and never really gives you an opportunity to get bored with the ambience. You get to have a glimpse of everything right from the wine country to the world’s driest desert (the Atacama), farmlands, the volcanoes, mountain peaks, fjords, pampa and breathtakingly beautiful coastlines. On the route of Carretera Austral, there is something for everyone.

If you are in the search of a way to dare yourself and feel like challenging your limits, then Carretera Austral is the way to go for you. While riding, you’ll come across never-ending, arduous deserted mountainous regions which never seem to end.  You’ll fight rain, inexorable wind, blood-chilling temperatures and awfully rough stony roads. There will be times when you will wonder if you are even sane but the feeling of performing and winning such challenges is so satisfying that the moment you will complete the ride you’ll be wishing to do it all over again.

Some of the world’s best wines are the Chilean ones and you’ll get many chances on the way to have a taste of them. You will be able to savour the taste of the best of empanadas, delectably tasty avocados, different varieties of bread and mouth-watering lemon cookies.

Be prepared for varying weather conditions while travelling in Chile.On an average, it rains every week. The weather forecast might help you plan your trip better. Only one third of the roads are paved, while the rest are rough gravel roads, so biking would be easy with fat tired bicycles.Paid biking trips are not as much fun as the ones independently planned, so if you really want to experience the joy of biking, plan your own trip.

Date posted: 22nd August, 2013

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