Cheap accommodation

Cheap Accommodation

There’s nothing better than finding a bargain whilst you’re on the road. Getting a cheap deal on a bed, room, apartment or 5-story villa, can free up all important funds for more ‘in country’ adventures.

If you’re the strategic type, plan travels to coincide with the ‘off peak’ season, do this and you’re already ahead of the game. Accommodation providers will often charge lower rates during these times, and possibly throw in a few sweeteners like upgrades, meals and transfers in order to attract prospective guests.

There’s nothing like the piece of mind in knowing that you’ve got accommodation booked and paid for when you first arrive in a new country. Be sure to scour websites like Expedia,Trivago and Agoda before you set off on your journey. These websites allow you to compare loads of different accommodation providers from around the globe and across all price ranges.

If you’re the more intrepid type, preferring to rock up at the airport with nothing more than a lonely planet and a spare pair of undies (negotiable), then you’re going to have to find your digs in a more ‘earthy’ manner. Consulting your travel guide or talking to locals can be a great way to find a place when you’ve just arrived.

Hostels and Guesthouses have long been a friend of the budget conscious traveller, and that’s largely still the case. I’ve paid anywhere from 3 to $30 for a bed in a dormitory and traveling during off peak season will ensure that rates are more friendly on the wallet.

These days you don’t have to totally rough it, if you prefer a little more privacy during your stay, opt for a private room or even a room with an en suite. While you’re staying at the hostel, talk to fellow travellers, as it’s the best way to hear about cheap and excellent places to stay. Hostels remain the easiest and best way to get inside knowledge on where to go and what to do in a city.

Note: Hotel and hostels with access to ski fields can become horrendously expensive during peak season, if you’re not planning on strapping on a ski or board then be wary.

Date posted: 29th June, 2015

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