Cheap Transfers & Cheap Tours

Cheap Transfers & Cheap Tours

Planning ahead to secure an airport transfer is a great way to get your trip off to a smooth, drama free start. There’s nothing worse than arriving in a new country only to be confronted with a foreign language/currency and having to arrange transport to get to your hotel. This is all unwanted stress, so take the time, and try to arrange a transfer through your hotel.

Generally the more reputable hotel chains will provide a free airport transfer for paying guests, just make sure that these will be operating when you arrive, sometimes the shuttle service will shut down for a few hours, overnight.

Be sure to read the information provided if you have booked accommodation online, as this will usually let you know how to get from the airport to your hotel, and if there’s a transfer service available. Otherwise contact your hotel directly, let them know you are a paying guest and simply ask if they can get you from your arrival destination to the hotel.

If you’re looking to take a tour or two during your stay, then investigating package deals might be the way to go. Often the total price will be a lot less than if you were booking elements of your trip separately. Most of the time things like tours and hotel transfers will be included in a package deal, with a multiplier effect during off peak season.

If you’ve chosen to forgo the packaged holiday, then hit up the local travel agencies when you arrive, there bound to have specials on offer and will sometimes create a personalised tour package for you. Keep an eye out for deals that include and extra tour when you purchase one, this can be a great way to get extra value from your trip and experience more of your surrounds.

Date posted: 1st July, 2015

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