Chihuahua is located in northern Mexico, bordering the southern United States. Also called the big state, Chihuahua is a little larger than the United Kingdom. The most noted destination of all tourists in Chihuahua is the Copper Canyon that consists of six canyons snaking through the green landscape with copper-coloured walls.

Currently, the Tarahumara indigenous population of approximately 50,000 residents live and farm in the basin of the Copper Canyon. Tourists can hike, bike, go by horseback or drive into the area for an adventure of a lifetime. Imagine hiking through the canyon and meeting up with a Tarahumara family. What an exciting notion that can only take place when one visits Chihuahua.

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In Chihuahua, there resides a large Mennonite community in the city of Cuauhtemoc, and most of the inhabitants of Camargo are from various European descent. Also the city of Camargo is home to Colina Lake where tourists can go for water or jet skiing or rent a boat and take a tour of the lake and its banks. Presa la Boquilla is in Camargo, and is a definite site for visitors to Chihuahua.

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Famous muralist, Aaron Pina Mora lived, painted and died in Chihuahua and any artist efficionado would appreciate a visit to these home sites. The people of Cchihuahua are also artisans with deserts, and the infamous dulche de leche originated from this area. Other quality dishes that come from Chihuahua are delicious enchiladas, rayadas, barbacoa and other meats that are slow cooked to perfection in flavor and freshness. Anyone who visits on holiday to Chihuahua must experience each of these culinary delights to be found at any corner vendor on the street. Better yet, make a friend and share a meal with a resident in Chihuahua. A friendly and open-hearted people, Chihuahua is a beautiful state of Mexico.

Date posted: 23rd June, 2018

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