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Tourists mainly flock to the Greek islands to party hop on Mykonos or get down with their bad selves in Kos. If you want to skip the crowds, and are looking for an off the beaten path experience, journey to the island of Chios. Imagine all the charm of Greek culture surrounded by medieval architecture and stunning ocean views.

Chios Beaches

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Famed for their welcoming environment and traditional villages, this is not the booze driven beaches of Crete or Ios. Chios is a stone paved gem waiting to be explored. Take side trips to the villages of Pyrgi and Olympi, the towns will be adorned in multi-colored tiles with medieval towers, quant outdoor cafes, and an overwhelming historical undertone. Chios town is the main port on the island, located on the eastern side, see this side of the island with an Arabic perspective. Quite a contrast from the Christian cathedrals in Pyrgi, the mosques and middle eastern influences in Chios town are a great way to see yet another side to the erratic facets of Greek culture.

Chios Beaches in Greece

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The Greeks love to eat, and it’s apparent in every dish that comes neatly to the table. The local flavor is a  mix of Mediterranean, Middle Eastern, and European fare.  Some culinary must haves on your Grecian holiday are dolmades, a grape-leaved wrapped appetizer, orzo pasta or a traditional Greek salad. If you’re going to eat the famed Greek lamb, ask the waiter for the ideal wine to pair the dish. The meal is traditionally served with a lemon sauce mixed with endives and vegetables.

The cuisine spans seafood, moussaka, salads, pasta, and brizoles steaks, all with fresh herbs and ingredients grown locally. The people of Chios toast their famous drink, the Soumada, an almond flavored drink can be made virgin or with a blend of Mastika liquor. Several tavernas on the island of Chios prepare hearty cuisine consisting of stews, lamb roasts, and flavorful chicken slouvaki. Dine directly next to a local and taste the flavor of a home cooked meal.

Most of the world visits Greece for their beaches, but Chios can provide all the beauty of the coast with an incredible gateway to the past.The best beaches on Chios are Megas Limnionas and Karfas located on the south side of Chios proper. Foreigners flock to these two beaches for their soft sand and modern amenities. Both can be overcrowded, so if you can trade sand for stones visit Daskalopetra on the north side of Chios. Despite the rocky beach, the bay is absolutely beautiful, and the stones are not jagged or rough. It is believed that Homer himself originated in this part of Chios. It is a pleasant alternative to the bustling tourist beaches and a great place to see locals enjoying their hometown jewel. Visit the unique Greek island of Chiosby visiting the quaint villages flush with history, then an afternoon of sunshine and an Adriatic approach to life on the islands.

Date posted: 10th August, 2015

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