Cinque Terre, Italy

Cinque Terre, Italy

The Cinque Terre are a series of five small towns on the Ligurian Riviera that have only been accessible by road for the last 40 years. Clusters of houses cling to the cliff tops and for centuries the area was raided by Turkish pirates, hence the desire of the local people to make their homes as inaccessible as possible. The Cinque Terre was a roadless community: the countryside trails they built to access their villages have now evolved into popular walking routes.

The trail hugs the coast and in places steep and rocky

The trail hugs the coast and in places steep and rocky

The walks in the Cinque Terre vary from a 20 minute strolls to 40km hikes such as the Via d’Amore (the Road of Love). This area has been famed for its vineyards and white wine since Roman times, and each town is unique with its own character: Vernazza has a castle rising out of the sea, whilst Monterosso is much more touristy.

Cinque Terre

Walking in the Cinque Terre is the perfect way to see the architecture of the area, look at the various farming styles and also to see local marine life. There are thick pine groves and intriguing shrubs, and a laid back way of life which is perfect for a holiday destination. The only drawback is that you may not want to return home at all.


Date posted: 24th August, 2017

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