Con Dao Island, Vietnam

Con Dao Island, Vietnam

The Con Dao islands have a remarkable history due to their part in what the Vietnamese call The American War. Con Dao was home to a prison made by the French during the Indochinese War and the Americans quickly took hold of the complex and turned it into an internment camp for captured prisoners from the NVC during the 1960s and ‘70s, until the fall of Saigon in 1975. After this, the victorious party used the prison to hold those who they believed to have collaborated with the enemy and it is believed that up to 20,000 people died in the prison.

Travel to Con Dao Island

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The remainder of the island is in remarkable contrast to its history. A South East Asian paradise consisting of around 20 small islands, it is easy to visit them all and it is stunningly beautiful, famed for having the best diving in Vietnam. Con Dao is the largest and most easily accessible island in the chain; it is also home to the majority of the accommodation and so is the best starting point to travel around this wondrous archipelago. The islands are becoming more popular due to the remarkable marine life that is on view such as the dugong, dolphins and turtles, which lead to some very memorable scuba diving and snorkelling.

Date posted: 8th September, 2017

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