Copenhagen, Denmark: Chilling out at Newhaven

Nyhavn, or Newhaven in English, in Copenhagen, Denmark is the place to go if you want to spend a day relaxing in the sunshine drinking coffee and eating good food. It is also the place to be seen. Nyhavn is trendy, it’s a place for people spotting. Nyhavn’s popularity is so great that if you visit Denmark’s Legoland you can find the area recreated in brick form.

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For many years Nyhavyn was a working dock. The buildings that are now filled with boutiques and cafes were once lodgings for ship hands and fishermen. In the 1960’s the decision was made to revitalize Nyhavn.

Nyhavyn gets its name from Havyn, or Haven, the original name for the harbour city when it was settled in the twelfth century. When people visit Nyhavn, the Danish idea of ‘Hygge’ must be observed. This means that you need to relax, unwind and leave your troubles behind when you are hanging out in Nyhavn.

Copenhagen, Denmark

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I started my day in Nyhavn early, or at least early by holiday standards, by taking a canal ride. The historic touring boats that line the canal are the only ones allowed to dock in Nyhavn. Further north you will find the touring lines which will take you all around the city by boat.

When I returned to dry land I walked up and down the quays, taking in the cafes and bars that line the water. The old original buildings on either side are painted in bright colours, to reflect the mood of Nyhavyn.


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After a morning of feeling chilled out why not move on to Strǿget, Europe’s longest pedestrian shopping strip. It’s only a few minutes away from Nyhavn. No matter what you tastes are, there is something for everyone here. This 1.8km stretch of shops starts with the cheap stores, progresses to the chains and ends with the high end boutiques.

Date posted: 28th January, 2011

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