Cycling in UK

Cycle From End to End

Mention “Land’s End” to any person in the United Kingdom and “John O’Groats” is what will come into their mind.

In Britain, it is considered to be a great accomplishment if you travel using any means of transport from End to End i.e. starting from Great Britain’s western most point famous as the Land’s End,going north towards John O’Groats. The distance between the two is approximately 874 miles.

To ride from Land’s End towards John O’Groats, covering the length of Britain mainland is a desire which many bikers seek to fulfill every year. You get to discover Britain’s remarkable countryside regions while cycling through this 1,575 kilometers long iconic route that stretches from Cornwall (southernmost point) to the Scottish (northernmost point).

Cycling in UK

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Imagining riding a bike requires no effort- cool breeze touching your back, feeling of sun’s warmth on your legs, and the landscape passing by. In real life, it’s not the same with rain hitting your face, a storm pushing you backwards and yards of pathways that just won’t turn into miles. Expect similar conditions in your journey from End to End. Most cyclists prefer to ride from south towards the north to have the supportive squall on their backs that flows south-west.

Most of the A-roads on this path are single track, full of Highland regiment memorials, and clearances, etc. that point towards the infamous era of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries when landlords evicted crofter families in order to make way for the more gainful sheep. On the way, you can stop at Shin Falls to observe the salmon fishes swimming upstream to breed. You get to climb along uninhabited ski lifts and go downhill through lashing rain towards Balmoral and Braemar.

Only on a bicycle can you get complete taste of Britain. You can not only observe, but also feel the heartland of Lancashire, known for cotton trade, giving way to the dormitory rural areas of Cheshire and Shropshire or the industrial cradle. Unlike big cities, the villages here have hardly changed in decades.

While biking, you will come across the challenges of riding on steep hills and face torrential rain that gets you sodden. As the days pass by, you will fall into a rhythm and you will get used to sore calves, stiff legs and chafed thighs but the joy lies in the physical work and the spectacular scenery. You get to learn a lot about Great Britain’s history by closely observing the places you ride through, which is an awesome experience in itself.

The End To End tour takes you through many cities such as to St Agnes, Okehampton, Bath, Cheltenham, Dumfries, Neilson, Tewitfield, Upholland, Shrewsbury, Orchy, Lewiston, Helmsdale and finally to John O’Groats etc. August is the most suitable time of the year for cycling on this route as the weather isn’t too hot and dry, and it doesn’t rain each day either.

Date posted: 12th October, 2013

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