Barcelona cycling

Cycle through Barcelona, the Pyrenees and Costa Brava

When in Barcelona, you will be lured by its impressive beauty. If you have decided tocycleon the tracks of Barcelona, the Pyrenees, and Costa Brava, you are in for an unforgettable trip which will take you right through the heart of Catalonia.

In next to no time you’re takento the Pyrenees. You can ride along the French border and paddle on the roads that professional bikers use for their training.

Descend into the warm air, strength of the sun, and the fragrance of the coast- and you are surrounded by the pleasant aura of the local atmosphere. You’ll soon reach Costa Bava that offers beautiful sea views along with a landscape that motivated the surrealist Salvador Dali, giving an appropriate end to the journey through Europe’s most tempting regions.

Barcelona cycling

Start things at Barcelona, the effervescent capital of Catalonia. From here, head towards northern hills and pedal across the Alpine villages, where you’ll see farmers taking care of herds of cows. Have your heart full of cava, the beloved drink of Spain. Stop here for a break and continue the next day.

Another day starts with fresh air and cool breeze. Continue your journey with beautiful routes in Pyrenees foothills that go towards France. Observe the limestone massif at Cadí-Moixeró Reserve as it steals your heart away. And to savour the culinary delights, polish off fresh seafood and fusions cuisine.

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As you bike away to glory, you’ll notice chestnut and pine trees giving way to olive and oak groves on the way to the coast. Go bicycling along rugged rock walls and deep valleys in La Garrotxa, which is a volcanic region that’s not very famous among tourists, giving it a secluded feel.

Experience the artistic genius of Salvador Dali at the Gala Dali Castle of medieval times, and ride along wheat and sunflower fields to the gorgeous region of coves,BaixEmpordà, just to stop and explore hamlets at the town squares. And if you feel penchant for poetry, you will experience poetic heaven at La Bisbal, which is the ceramics heart of Catalonia. Don’t forget to taste Catalan wines on your way.

Feel the Mediterranean laps as they hit against white sand beaches and ride past the villages that cling to forest hills lying over hidden bays. And if you fancy leaving your bike and climbing on the hills for a short while, Gavarres Natural Reserve is the right place for you.

Date posted: 14th March, 2014

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