Cycle through the Black Mountains

Black hills, lying at South Dakota’ south western area and the north eastern area of Wyoming, are mainly famous for world’s biggest bike rally named “Sturgis”. Not many are aware of the scenic beauty, copious wildlife, prairie lands, national parks and the many biking tracks that are a part of Black Hills. Bikers enjoy paddling through lakes, rock formations, cliffs, prairies, and gorges. This place has everything- right from guided bicycling tours, tracks, roads to mountain bicycling pathways suitable for beginners and professional cyclists.


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Many non-profit businesses organize cycle tours that take you through different states. One such tour starts in Rapid City, running through the Black Hills area while taking you alongside mountains and plains. This biking track then goes past Mount Rushmore. Custer State Park is also covered on the way, while biking past many scenic beauties. To enjoy the real essence of nature, go camping, and sleep with your beloved bikes under the stars.

Inside the heart of Black Hills lies the George S. Mickelson track which has about 15 trail heads and stretches to 109 miles. This track gives way to horse-back riders, bikers, and hikers- so if you want to try something else for a short while, you can. This route runs through forests, over bridges and tunnels. Cyclists of all fitness levels can ride on this easy track. A part of this pathway also covers Deadwood, which is considered to be America’s greatest gold rush site. This paid jogging and biking track in Rapid City is around 13.5 miles long, which runs alongside the rapid creek and through the city.

The Black Hills are mainly popular for bike riders paddling on the wide shouldered highways going towards the areas with breathtaking sceneries. Some of the popular hotspots that are a favourite amongst the cycling enthusiasts include the biking track between Rapid City and Mount Rushmore which is 23 miles in length. Next is the Spearfish Canyon Byway, famous for Bridal Veil Falls and Roughlock falls, runs through the gorge and is 22 miles long. The Badlands Byway is another biking track that offers views of high cliffs, prairies and canyons. It is the refuge for numerous species of flora and fauna.

Around 6000 miles of biking tracks run through mountainous regions contained in Black Hills, Centennial Trail being the most famous one. It is a 111 mile track that covers area between Sturgis and Wind Cave Park. The path begins at Bear Butte with awesome views of cliffs, Mount Rushmore and many canyons. This trail is meant only for professional bikers because of the difficulty of the path. Novice riders can try cycling on the Big Hill track.

Date posted: 7th August, 2014

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