Daintree National Park, Australia

Daintree National Park, Australia

Just as exotic, but perhaps a touch more user-friendly, the Daintree National Park in Queensland, Australia is arguably the oldest continuous rainforest on the planet. With over 110m years of history, this bio-diverse forest is a UNESCO World Heritage Site with stunning gorges, rivers and valleys. This forest also grows right up to the Pacific Ocean, with fan palms, strangler figs and dinosaur trees overlooking some of the most marvellous beaches in the hemisphere.

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Visitors to Daintree can also enjoy tours given by local Kuku Yalanji residents, whose ancestors have lived in the region for tens of thousands of years. Guides will show you where to find the best food, which plants are poisonous, and how to fashion medicines from the indigenous flora.

Daintree National Park travel

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Date posted: 16th September, 2017

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