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Ah the perils of travel. Deciding what to include in your luggage before setting out for a trip is one of those tasks that simultaneously stresses and invigorates the traveler at the same time. While the process of planning such a wandering can weigh heavy on one’s mind causing sleepless nights, the anticipation and daydreams that come along with travel preparation are a welcome segway from the everyday routine. One such decision in this process is deciding which digital camera is ideal for this particular voyage. Knowing the variables and advantages of the many digital cameras on the market is the first step to take in making this decision and considering your own photo needs and your budget will ensure that you get the best camera for the job. The following cameras just might be what you are looking for to capture those memorable moments on your next voyage.

For the traveler who is out to simply catch those unforgettable moments with a compact easy to use camera, there are many options that won’t break the bank. While there are much better cameras on the market for those looking for professional looking shots, these little cameras will still give you great photos at a lower price all in a small, convenient point and shoot camera. Some of the more popular cameras in this group include the Canon Power Shot S90IS, Panasonic Lumix DMC-ZS3 and the Olympus Stylus 1000. These are all great compact cameras that are easy to carry around town and yet will also produce great high quality photos capturing your best travel moments.

Not small enough? For those looking for a simple point and shoot that takes up as minimal space as possible there are three great options that all come in super small packages. The Canon Power Shot SD 700, the Olympus 720 SW and the Casio Exilim Card ES-S600. These cameras won’t offer the best photos you will find but will serve as a great carry around camera to catch those sporadic moments that come with life on the road.

Sure you can find the smallest most compact camera, but what about those photographers looking to take unforgettable shots to truly capture their travel moments in their best possible form. For these travelers we head to the other end of the camera spectrum to the world of the SLR cameras. Keep in mind that these cameras require much more expertise and will also cost much more than the point and shoot variety. However for the photo enthusiast, SLR cameras are a must have for top notch travel photos.

We’d be remiss to mention digital SLR cameras without including the king of the group, the Canon EOS 7D Digital SLR Camera. Photographers prize this camera and its many available features and many of the top photographers capture their best frames with this camera. The camera also has 1080p video recording capability and audio jack making capturing moments even easier.
Another SLR kingpin has to be the Nikon D300 SLR Camera. This camera is great for Nikon lovers, many opting to implement the AF-S DX Zoom 17-55mm lens which brings this great camera to the next level. Whether Canon or Nikon is you flavor of choice, these two great digital SLR cameras.
Of course these cameras and their lenses will set you back quite a bit more cash than the more compact cameras mentioned before. For travelers looking for a little middle ground there are a few great mid range cameras that fit the bill.

The Canon E3i is a great example and is a light easy to use DSLR. This camera won’t give you all of the features and functionality of a Canon 7D, but this mid-range camera is a great instrument to capture some amazing photos. Without the need to constantly switch lenses and with being a light easy to carry camera, many travelers will sacrifice a bit of quality for the ease of use and transport.

Another camera in this range is the Casio ZR100. This camera offers 1080p video capture, 12 mega pixels and 12 x zoom giving it many of the features of more expensive cameras all in a light easy to carry camera. This is one of the best cameras made by Casio and serves as possible the best mid range camera for its wealth of features and compact size.

The Fujifilm FinePixHS20EXR offers an incredible 30x zoom, 16 mega pixels and 1080i video capture. While not nearly as compact as other options in the mid range category, this camera is a favorite among photography enthusiasts for the cameras unique ability to zoom in on objects from far distances. While the size is more comparable to many DSLR cameras, the price is quite competitive in this mid range group making it a great option for travelers.

Last in the mid range camera group is the Nikon P7000 which is an amazingly compact camera offering 10 megapixels and 7x optical zoom. With the trusted Nikon name behind it, this camera is one of the best options for those looking for a great compact camera. This camera is a great option for those familiar with using a top notch camera, but looking to save space while traveling. Sure it is small, but with this camera size doesn’t matter.

All of these cameras are suitable options for your next trip to foreign lands. Your own particular situation will determine which camera is right for you and considering your budget and photography feature needs is the first step to making your purchasing decision. Consider also that taking a photography course with your new camera before hitting the road is a great way to ensure that you get the very best photos while on your vacation. No one likes coming home to blurry or dark photos of your most memorable moments on the road. With a little preplanning and the proper instruction you too can be on the way to snapping some unforgettable shots during your next voyage.

Date posted: 14th December, 2012

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