Dogon Country Walk Mali

Dogon Country, Mali

Walking through Dogon is a unique experience and a chance to learn about the local culture through visiting traditional villages. The Dogon people live near the Malian city of Bandiagara and the Bandiagara Escarpment, which runs for 150 km. It is sandy on one side of the escarpment and the Bandiagara Highlands rise up from the other. Along the cliffs are ancient houses inhabited by the Tellem people, who live here before the Dogons.

Dogon Escarpment

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Since the 14th century the Dogons have continued their cultural, religious and artistic traditions and a walk through the villages is an excellent way to see their way of life and experience local hospitality. Getting a good guide is essential as they are able to provide a detailed insight into the animist religion and traditions.

Dogon Village

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The area has been shaped by the Dogons and their dramatic architecture is an impressive feature on the landscape. The trekking paths follow centuries-old paths and stone steps that have been used for hundreds of years.

Date posted: 28th June, 2017

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