Dublin Red Light District

Traveling is all about doing things in a different manner and for many the appeal of a ‘naughty place’ is just too much to ignore. This does not mean the red light districts only but we will focus on this aspect in this article. Dublin, the capital of Republic of Ireland, is one of the most beautiful places in the world and also the largest city of Ireland. It is a very popular tourist destination that attracts tourists from around the world. Tourists come to Dublin for myriad reasons but the innumerable pubs and the presence of a vibrant night life has given the city a major boost in the tourist happiness index. And, lest we forget, there is a red light district in Dublin.

Prostitution in Ireland

Prostitution in Ireland is legal but strangely most of the activities associated with it like operating brothels, pimping and soliciting in a public place are strictly illegal. At one point of time there was a red-light district in Dublin which was known by the name of Monto. The area enjoyed a good phase from 1860s to 1920s and at one point there were around 1600 prostitutes working around here can catered to all classes of customers. It earned the reputation of being the biggest Red-Light district in Europe at one point of time.


Monto was basically the area surrounded by Gardiner Street, Amiens Street, Talbot Street & Gloucester Street. Many people would be aware that this area was immortalized as ‘Nighttown’ in Ulysses, the famous work of James Joyce. The financial viability of the area was upheld by the huge number of British Army barracks and the soldiers in the city of Dublin.

Red Light District Dublin

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But today Monto has ceased to be the ‘red-light’ district of Ireland. May be it is not financially viable nowadays or probably due to some other reason. Today Pepper Pot church on the Mount Street, Wilton Terrace and Fitzwilliam Square are well served by decent looking ladies at night.

Sex workers in the Dublin Red Light District and other areas

Prior to 1993 most of the female sex workers worked on the streets. But with the advent of the 1993 Sexual Offences Act, this has stopped. Since that year, brothels marketed as high class escort agencies have the most popular form of prostitution. Nowadays there is no marked ‘red-light’ district in Dublin but a highly developed system of advertising for consensual sex is does exist on the internet. However, advertising in print publications is not allowed and is strictly illegal. The escort agencies also advertise in some Dublin newspapers but the online medium is very popular. Leeson Street is quite well known for illegal brothels, shady massage parlors and streetwalkers.  The average girls charge around EUR 150 for 30 min of sex.

As per last unofficial census, there are around 2000 sex workers in Duiblin today. The minimum rate hovers around EUR 80 to 100 but this is also quite a lot of money if you compare the prices in Germany. However, the rates are definitely lower than that of London.

Date posted: 14th March, 2015

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