Eating on the Cheap Anywhere in the World

Eating on the Cheap Anywhere in the World

Food costs can be either hugely expensive or amazingly cheap in almost any city in the world depending on where you go. For travelers looking to eat well and do so on a budget, a bit of exploration is necessary. While at home we may go on Google or Yelp to find the best cheap eats at low prices, while on the road this option is usually much more difficult. However with the right mindset you can have a fun adventure and fill your belly with some great diverse offerings.

The trick I’ve learned to eat around the world on the cheap is to keep an open mind. If you are a vegetarian or are squeamish about eating certain foods, you might have a difficult time finding the cheap offerings on certain places in the world. For many the answer to this riddle is in avoiding the street side cafés and restaurants and to go where the locals go. That’s right; I am talking about Street food.

Through all my travels I have come to the same conclusion every time. While the big fancy restaurants offering great cuisine and wine make for a nice sit down experience, I am almost always more satisfied with the gastronomic offerings found street side with the local vendors. From wonderfully greasy pizza in Sicily to the delicious Chiripan in Buenos Aires, street food offerings around the world can be found easily and provide a great way to fill up on the real cuisine of the city.

Sure the many restaurants in tourist areas may offer some Top French Chef or Asian fusion cuisine, but the real stuff to fill up on without spending a fortune is found outside where the locals go for their fix.  Sure one may be a bit squeamish of the “Cuy” or Guinea pig offerings in Peru or the fried insects in South East Asia, but many times there are other options available for those unwilling to experiment with these dishes.

Wherever you are it is not hard to find out where to find the best street food. Usually grabbing a taxi hostel or hotel attendant and telling him you would like to eat where the locals eat street food will bring you to the right spot. You can always be a tourist and find a McDonalds nearly anywhere. I to will do this on occasion to see what they offer in each part of the world. However to miss out on the delicious, one of a kind street food is a travesty. Be sure to try some out on your next voyage.

Date posted: 7th May, 2015

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