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As a country, Egypt begins its history in 3150 BC with the establishment of the first kingdom ruled by Menes. For three thousand years, Egypt flourished and became a great center of culture that even the Greeks themselves admired. This is also the same period of time where Egyptians started building their pyramids. This culminated in their greatest achievement so far, the Great Pyramid at Giza. All of these man made wonders that made Egypt what it was is largely due to the annual flooding of the Nile River. One of the names of Ancient Egypt was Kemet, meaning “black land”. The black land was the river deposits that the Nile left behind every time it receded.

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Just like the Greeks, the Egyptians had their own pantheon of gods starting with Isis and Osiris, Ra, Anubis and Hathor. A proof of this fact is present in the many temples, obelisks, tombs and pyramids that dot the Egyptian landscape. It would be probably safe to label Egypt as one big museum of ancient history and artifacts. That’s why its no surprise that millions of people travel to Egypt to be able to gaze at the monuments to man’s greatness.

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Egypt is an African country situated in North Africa. This country is bordered by countries such as Libya, Sudan, Gaza Strip and Israel. It is 38 th largest country of the world and is regarded as the cultural and political nation of Middle East. The Suez Canal connects the Mediterranean Sea and Indian Ocean via Red Sea .

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Egypt is known to the world for its ancient civilization and legendary monuments such as Giza pyramid complex and Great Sphinx both found in Cairo. There are countless interesting places and attractions so it is not possible to complete a tour within a week.

The other things you can enjoy in Egypt is scuba diving in Sharm el Sheikh in the Red sea. Red Sea is densely populated with different fishes such as grouper, singray, parrotfish, angelfish, butterfly fish and turtles.

Don’t forget to listen to the Egyptian music which is the fusion of African and Western countries. The traditional instruments are flutes and harps. It is important to play folk music of Egypt in weddings, engagements and festivals.

The currency of Egypt is Egyptian Pound (EGP). Travelers are advised to bring cheques in US dollars or Pounds to avoid additional exchange rates. Credit cards are accepted in many reputed Egypt hotels and restaurants. You can review Hotels in Egypt here. The best time to visit Egypt in the winter season which is from December to February when temperature is about 20 to 25 degree Celsius. The highest temperature in the summer season is about 38 degree Celsius. The summer season is from June to August.

Cairo is the capital of Egypt and it is only city where traveling is easy due to the metro system. You can easily go to the Pyramids of Giza by taking a microbus from al-Haram. In other cities, you can travel by taxis and bus. Following are some important attractions of Egypt that are recommended to visit.

The famous Suez Canal is located next to the Red Coast in Sinai. There are many beach resorts in this area that cater to the tourists from the elite down to the lowly backpacker. Pay to swim with dolphins at Nuweiba. Divers would most likely want to visit the Sharm el_Sheikh which is reputed to be the best dive resort in town.

Aswan is a rather laid back town that borders Egypt and Nubia. Dinner will be a great experience since floating restaurants are all the rage here in Aswan . Further out, there are two islands that tourists may want to visit. The first island is home to an active archeological dig where a huge fortress and several temples are being excavated.

Alexandria was the Egyptian city conquered by Alexander the Great of Greece. During its golden age, Alexandria was said to be the cultural capital of Europe . Its affluence from ancient times extends even up to the now. Unlike Cairo , Alexandria is has a lesser chaotic atmosphere. Bibliotheka Alexandria is the center for scholarly research. The Graeco-Roman Museum displays artifacts dating from 300 BC. Diving and swimming are common pass times in Alexandria . The beaches can get crowded during summer though.

Luxor ‘s ancient name was Thebes , the once great capital of ancient Egypt . It is now a large town dependent on tourism for most of its income. The town is peppered with souvenir shops, hotels and restaurants. Within the boundaries of Luxor is the Karnak Temple complex which covers approximately 100 acres. The temple complex contains hundreds of statues, pillars, obelisks and sphinxes. The best temple in Karnak is the Precinct of Amun. It served as the primary place of worship.

Egypt has 6 oases that are worth visiting. All of them can be reached by public transportation and have accommodations for those wishing to spend a couple of days in relative isolation. The Kharga oasis is more developed than most. It has a museum and a Berber community within its boundaries. For desert safaris on camels and hot springs , the best oasis to go to would be Dhakla. Siwa is also a Berber community but they are more traditional in manner and language.

Date posted: 30th September, 2018

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