Environmental tourism

Environmental tourism

Environmental tourism, also called ecotourism, provides an opportunity to visit totally undisturbed natural areas that maintain a healthy environmental balance. Environmental tourism appeals to ecologically and socially conscious travellers who are looking to volunteer, to explore new ways to live on our planet, or simply to enjoy the beauty of unspoilt nature. There are few experiences that compare to observing fauna and flora in a beautiful and intact natural environment.

Environmental tourism

The International Ecotourism Society established the principles of ecotourism in 1990. It stated that organisations and regions that are actively engaged in ecotourism should seek to minimize ecological impact, build environmental and cultural awareness and respect as well as provide positive experiences to visitors and financial benefits to the local people.

The ecotourism niche is experiencing rapid growth in parallel to the rise in awareness on global warming and other environmental issues. Some of the prime ecotourism destinations benefiting from this trend are the famous Greater Yellowstone region in the USA , Rhode Island , Vermont , and the “Crown of the Continent” region that spans across Montana as well as the Canadian states of Alberta and British Columbia.

Guatemala , Honduras and Costa Rica are the leading Central American countries specialising in ecotourism. They offer pristine intact beaches and coral reefs, magical rainforest and waterfalls, world heritage sites and Mayan ruins.

If you’re searching for a totally different environmental holiday you should look into visiting Norway . It’s a country of pristine and rugged landscapes combined with authentic culture and architecture. Anyone will find peace of mind when travelling the famous fjords by boat, knowing that no burden on the ecology is created by this fascinating experience.

If you’re feeling really adventurous you can go for the ultimate ecotourism destination on the other end of the world, and book your seat on an expedition to Antarctica . Expedition tourism is booming, it’ll give you a truly unique experience with bragging rights included!

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Date posted: 18th December, 2016

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