Estonia travel

Estonia travel

Of the Baltic states Estonia is undoubtedly the most scenic. This is a country crammed with huge forests and splattered by teeming wetlands. Estonia is blessed with a relatively flat landscape dotted with over one thousand lakes. Since breaking free of it’s soviet hold moving forwards and upwards has happened easily for this Baltic land and the buzz can be felt all over the country. Estonians are welcoming increasing numbers of curious visitors each year.

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Mystifying, medieval Tallinn makes a proud standing capital. Narrow street wind whimsically past architectural gems, ancient churches and lead to the remaining city walls. By night Tallinn becomes alive with beautiful young people dancingtil dawn. Discovering and exploring some of the smaller cities of Narva and Tartu will be a delightful experience almost like stepping back in time to a simpler life.

Estonia dining is sure to surprise the taste buds. Along with more common northern European fare on the menu be sure to look out for Verivorst, a sausage made from blood and pickled delicacies aplenty. Like all proud nations Estonia has loves its own firewater, Vana Tallin, and love nothing more than feeding it to unsuspecting foreigners. Never needing an excuse to drink here the Ollesummer beer festival held in July each year sees good times a plenty. Small folk and craft art events occur weekly throughout the summer.

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Prepare for typically northern European weather, while summer can be pleasantly warm it is not unusual for the heat to drop rapidly in twenty four hours. Winters are likely to be long and freezing. Christmas markets and thoroughly filling warming meals paired with a warm Estonian welcome manage to distract from the cold in your toes if you choose to visit between November and March. Estonia is making its own way as a destination.

Date posted: 26th November, 2018

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