Estrela Park

Estrela Park

If you enjoy exotic flora, in a quiet and tranquil setting, then you are bound to find Estrela Park completely captivating. This is a traditional neighbourhood park, which has become something of a favourite with the entire Lisbon community as well as tourists.

In the summer time the small café which is located on the shoreline of the large duck pond, is one of the most pleasant places in Portugal to spend a little time relaxing.

Estrela Park (Jardim da Estrela in Portuguese) is the oldest municipal park in the city of Lisbon. The local community is very proud of the park, and the Lisbon government ensures that it is kept in top shape the whole year round. In effect, the park is the central natural park for the City of Lisbon, although it started out as something much smaller.

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The park was originally designed in 1842, but construction was not finished until a decade later in 1852. Designed by a French architect, the park is unique to Lisbon, a Portuguese place of recreation with a French flavour.

The park is located in one of the most affluent districts of Lisbon, popular with national politicians, famous people and visiting dignitaries. It is situated at the bottom of the Basilica da Estrela on Praça da Estrela.

Although the park is French in design, it shares many common attributes with 19th century English parks. This means that the park has been divided into separate areas, cunningly linked by pathways, some quite hidden, which allow the visitor to explore the park. At first view Estrela Park appears to be fairly small, this is not the case, it can take several hours to explore every hidden pathways.

Highlights of Estrela Park

The undoubted highlight of Estrela Park is the wrought iron bandstand located at its centre. This pavilion was constructed later than the original park, in 1884. Originally the pavilion was located in the Passeio Publico, but when this public space was redeveloped, the entire bandstand was relocated to Estrela Park. During summer months the pavilion is used to present open air concerts.

One of the more tranquil areas of the park is the English cemetery, which is in the northern part of the park, close to the botanical gardens. The cemetery was first used in 1717, and was originally a Dutch/English cemetery. Buried here is the famous English playwright Henry Fielding.

Estrela Park for Families

The park is one of the top family outdoor attractions in Lisbon. With large open spaces, safe woodland and a children’s playground, it is a great place for families to spend the day in a natural environment. Park attendants keep an eye on the park, and it is a safe place for families to let their children off the leash.

Estrela Park Opening Times
The park is open every day of the week, from 7am until 12pm.

Getting to Estrela Park
Estrela Park is located at:
Largo da Estrela

The best way to get to Estrela Park is by tram and both number 25 and 28 stop right outside.

Date posted: 30th October, 2018

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