European Travel- money saving tips

European Travel- money saving tips

Pairing a stronger dollar with unsteady European currencies will make you want to save more money on European Travel. While the value of the dollar has been strengthening steadily against the Euro, the value of local European currencies against the US dollar has continued to fall; hence, the conversion rates will make a large impact on your travel budgets. Here are some European tips you must consider in order to save more;

Consider flying with low cost European airlines- Many European airlines are expanding their European routes to meet travellers’ demands. Rather than flying on popular but expensive airlines, you should consider using low costs and less popular airlines that are continuously increasing their itineraries all across major European cities. Some low-budget flights from Berlin to Dubrovnik, for instance can cost less than $45 for one-way flights. Make sure you check alternative airlines that offer cheap nonstop connections across major European destinations.

Consider taking cheap and fast trains instead of flights

If you are going to European travel destinations that are in close proximities, then you don’t need to spend much on flights rather you should consider using the fast-growing high speed rail networks that are affordable and cheap.  Top European Travel destinations like Spain are at the forefront of designing fast rail tracks covering thousands of miles and linking key cities from neighboring countries; for instance , travelling from Madrid to Lisbon now take few hours by train, and you can connect some other cities from Lisbon to other top European cities.

Rent a car by the hour in Europe

European Travel car hire services are expanding rapidly and you can hire a car for as low as $45 (including taxes and insurance), in some top European cities. This could save you costs of getting more expensive airport pickups.

Try out some affordable boutique hotels

European boutique hotels can save you more money, if you enjoy shopping while you travel. The affordability and style of such hotels make them easily accessible. If you lodge in a boutique hotel in Europe, you will likely qualify for special shopping vouchers, gift cards and other discount opportunities.  Affordable boutique hotels offer excellent facilities found in other types of highly-rated hotels in Europe, and the addition of a boutique will make shopping a lot easier for guests.

Try as much as possible to snag weekend business rates at European hotels

Corporate travelers across Europe make up majority of clients at European business-oriented hotels, and such hotels usually reduce their weekend rates just to attract leisure travellers all across the globe. Some hotels have well established chains across major European cities; therefore you can claim your special discounts and rates at any of their branches.

Consider lodging in Villas if you travel in groups

If you are travelling with family and friends, then you should consider lodging at cheaper Villas. Some Villas costs less than $50 per person per night, while some could be as cheap as $250 per night for groups, therefore you can save more on your European Travel packages.

Date posted: 19th May, 2015

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