Favela Walk, Brazil

Favela Walk, Brazil

Rio de Janeiro is a city famed both for glamour and for poverty, and a walk from the imposing Statue of the Redeemer through the favelas is a wonderful way to experience the heart and soul of the city. There are sweeping views over Rio and Guanabara Bay from the famous Statue of the Redeemer, reached by cable carm but just a few steps away and nestled into the sids of the mountain are the paths into the famous Santa Marta Favela.

Tour to Favela Walk Brazil

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Let a local guide lead you through the alleys and slum areas made famous by a Michael Jackson video, and you’ll get a real insight into the other side of Rio and the vibrancy of the local community.

Favela Walk

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There are opportunities along the way to see projects, talk to local people, listen out for music and walk through one of Rio’s most iconic and dignified areas and to experience part of the soul of Rio. Visitors could pass over the whole area by cable car but to venture inside with a guide and take a walk is an excellent way to appreciate the city. This walk offers you the chance to have an adventure without even leaving the confines of the metropolis.

Favela Walk Brazil

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Date posted: 19th August, 2017

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