Fez Medina, Morocco

Fez Medina Walk

Walking around the old medina (walled city and marketplace) in Fez you are bound to get lost, and that is all part of the experience. Taking a walk into the narrow winding alleys is like walking back in time and each turn leads to another part of the city’s history and culture.

Fez Medina Walk

flickr image by The Javelina

There are craftsmen and artisans working with wood, leather or metal in tiny hovels with limited light, but turn around a corner and the bakers are baking loaves in an oven heated by the communal hammam (bathhouse). Donkeys and mopeds rush past as the modern day catches up with the older traditions of the medina.

A walk around Morocco’s oldest city is one well worth taking and guaranteed to have you bargaining for at least one souvenir from the souk (covered market). Be careful to hire an official guide and not one of the many young men who will offer their services and then charge an extortionate amount.

Date posted: 29th June, 2017

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