Fiji Restaurants

Fiji Restaurants

Food is an important part of the Fiji culture and is an essential component of any Fiji travel experience. Regardless of where visitors choose to dine, they will find food inspired by a variety of different cultures. These include Indian, Korean, Chinese, Italian, Japanese, European, and even Australian influences.

Fiji RestaurantsWhile visiting Fiji , travelers will find that there are offerings ranging from everything from five start restaurants to coffee shops. Most restaurants offer steaks and seafood and many resorts and hotels offer special themed nights that focus on certain types of cuisines.

When enjoying a magiti, or Fijan feast, visitors may get the opportunity to eat food prepared from a lovo. A lovo is an underground oven made with heated rocks that is used to cook food that has been wrapped in banana leaves and covered with earth. The foods cooked in the lovo, which are generally seafood, chicken, an pig, are cooked for several hours and develop a faintly smoky flavor.

One of the most popular dishes in Fiji is kokoda, which is a traditional island dish. To prepare this dish, fresh fish is marinated in lime juice and is served in half of a coconut. Inside the coconut, a special sweet cream called lolo is included. This cream is found in many Fijan dishes, including another traditional dish called palusami. With this dish, meat is wrapped in taro leaves before being cooked in lolo.

Old Mill Cottage, which is located on Suva , is one of the more popular of the Fiji restaurants. This restaurant is located inside a 19 th century home and offers Fijian, Indian, and European cuisine. Service is provided cafeteria-style and specials, such as palusami, are offered each day. Diners can also choose from over a dozen different vegetables to compliment their meals.

Visitors looking for a great meal with a more formal dining environment may prefer to visit Chefs The Restaurant in Nadi Town. International cuisine prepared by Chef Eugene Gomes is available for a reasonable price and the service is extraordinary. The menu changes depending upon the season, but one of the most popular dishes served here is pakapaka, which is snapper served under a brown apple sauce.

Date posted: 13th October, 2018

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