Finland travel

Finland travel

Finland owns its own unique culture and language holding it apart from the other Nordic countries. Being tucked between Scandinavian Sweden and Soviet Russian Federation has shaped this nation and encourages the stoic Finns to develop an independence of their own. Finland is one of the most technologically advanced European countries and it is not unusual to find a woodchopper miles from anywhere tinkering with gadgets. From the tree filled south up to mystical snow covered Lapland the diversity of the Finnish landscape is amazing.

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by Victoria_Hume

Finland enjoys a hot and humid but short summer. In the midsummer months darkness never fully falls on the majority of the country. While the fleeting summer is around, Finns will take absolute advantage, filling every small town, village and rural area with festivals and events. In the northern parts throughout June and July the midnight sun burns constantly. Wintertime is a dark and long time when activities reflect the chill outside. Sled rides pulled by huskies are the norm and nothing warms you through like a traditional wood burning sauna at the end of the day.

Helsinki offers a welcoming capital city with low lying architecture and inhabitants with acurious sense of style and a beguiling sense of humour. Finland is suspiciously sparse on huge cosmopolitan towns but a finish village can be as advanced and alive as many much bigger cities across the European continent. The pick of Finnish festivals include the heavy metalTuska in June then even heavier Ruisrock held in July.

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For a traditional Finnish treat in the culinary stakes Reindeer and Elk steaks are a mainstay on any menu. With so much of the country covered by forest the array of fresh mushrooms and wild berries on offer is startling. a coffee fix is always close by with Finns consuming more coffee than anyone in the world!

Date posted: 26th November, 2018

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