Fortitude Valley

Located just one kilometre from Brisbane’s Central Business District, Fortitude Valley is recognized for its nightlife attractions and clubs. The area is great for people looking for a good time and an even greater party. For those looking for peace and quiet, Fortitude Valley may not be the wisest selection. The suburb boasts numerous modern apartments and lofts within steps from noisy clubs and crowded restaurants.

Fortitude Valley

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The history of Fortitude Valley is as unique as the village today. Named after the SS Fortitude, a 19th century ship, Fortitude was once the home of gambling dens, brothels and other shady venues. Through an extensive gentrification program the village became revitalized and today offers some of Brisbane’s most sought after destinations.

There are still a small number of seedy bars and pubs in the village but for the most part the clubs and drinking venues have become modernized. Young people arrive in Fortitude Valley by the throngs due to the popular clubs, restaurants and bars. The Judith Wright Centre is located in the heart of the Valley. Also alluring is the ever popular Chinatown that thrives in the village.

The central shopping mall is the Brunswick Street Mall which offers antique designer dress boutiques and retro shops. McWhirters is also found on the corner of Brunswick and Wickham and offers major shopping and retail therapy.

Walk down Ann Street to find the Emporium with designer labels, gourmet foods and other luxury items.
James Street has the Palace Centro cinema complex and the fresh food markets and a number of fashion retailers.

The Valley Markets run around Brunswick and Chinatown Malls and held every weekend until 4pm.

Chinatown Mall in Duncan Street, Fortitude Valley has signs in both Chinese characters and English with entrances guarded by pairs of stone lions donated by the People’s Republic of China. The 320kg stone carvings stand as a symbol of friendship and cultural respect. They also function as sentinels – protectors whose mere presence is said to guard against evil spirits.

Date posted: 18th May, 2018

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