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Free Accommodation

Finding and securing free accommodation while you’re out on the road can be a matter of good luck, good management and a healthy dose of courage.

The now well-known couch surfing phenomenon has presented intrepid travellers with the opportunity to jump from ‘couch to couch’ as they explore their chosen realm. If this sounds like your style then be prepared to return the favour by allowing the odd weary adventurer to crash on your couch when you’re back on home soil.

This form of travel revolves around offering each participant something of value in a more social or human sense. Money does not necessarily have to change hands however some surfers like to leave a gift for their hosts and the end of their stay. now offers a handy mobile app, so that no matter where you find yourself on the earth, finding a comfy sofa to bed down on can be within your grasp.

While travelling this way may sound like a free ride, it pays to take it with a grain of sand. Often residential areas can be a long way from where the action is and transportation becomes an added expense.

Another option for free accom is to volunteer with an organisation that offers a room for the duration of your stay. Volunteering can be a rich and rewarding experience and something that stays with you long after you pack your bags and head for home. Volunteering looks great on a CV too!

The only other way that you’ll find a completely free place to stay is through blind luck, although it’s not unheard of for locals to occasionally offer travellers a meal/bed for a night or so. If this happens to you, just remember to trust your instincts and keep your wits about you.

Date posted: 24th June, 2015

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