Full Moon Party

Full moon party Thailand

With a full moon illuminating the dark, lapping shores and flaming torches lighting the way along the soft sand beaches, tens of thousands of beach loving backpacker’s line the shores of Koh Phangan to experience a party unlike any other in the world. The Full Moon Party in Koh Phangan has become a backpacker’s tradition and this hedonistic event has become legendary in this part of the world where Westerners flock in large numbers to see one of the craziest parties in the world. So get ready for cold beer, thatched roof bungalows and warm sandy beaches as we take you to one of the fastest growing traditions in the backpacking scene, the infamous Full Moon Party in Koh Phangan, Thailand.

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The full moon party in Koh Phangan originally began over a quarter century ago on the shores of Koh Phangan in 1985. This tradition quickly became known throughout the backpacking crowd as one of the best parties out there. From nightfall and the appearance of the full moon, through the early morning sunrise, travelers line the beaches by the thousands to experience what has become a party unlike any other in the world. This event has gained popularity after being featured in popular films and television shows that show firsthand the debauchery that takes place here. Still there is no better way to really experience this phenomenon than first hand with the warm sand beneath your toes and the flaming torches lighting the coastline.

Full Moon Party

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The beachside bars here prepare for these events by arranging activities, live music and of course large quantities of alcoholic beverages. Of course if you aren’t visiting during the full moon parties you need not worry as two half moon parties and other jungle parties are also held on select dates every month. Many backpackers choose to set their flight schedules accordingly wanting not to miss the full moon party which is by far the biggest event here every month.

Of course to enjoy these festivities you will need to find a way to get here and a place to stay. Many travelers will choose to fly into Bangkok first and then grab a connecting flight to Koh Samui which is the closest major airport. From Koh Samui travelers can grab a ferry to the island of Koh Phangan. Accommodation can be found very cheap here, however during these parties, these places fill up fast so do book in advance. With resorts, private homes and bungalows all available, there are options for all tastes and budgets nearby.

While at the party there are a few things that you should watch out for to ensure that you have a fun, but safe time. First off, be forewarned that this party is not for the G rated audience. This is one of the crazier experiences you will ever get to be a part of and this being the case there will be more the sex, drugs and rock and roll crowd looking to get out of control. In recent years crime has been an issue and incidents of rape and even a murder have been reported. Also important to keep in mind are the strict drug laws that are in effect in Thailand and the fact that the Thai Police are now keeping a better eye on this event.

Full Moon Party

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Another common element here is the buckets sold from many of the beachside bars. Before purchasing and consuming the contents, make sure you get an idea of what is inside. Many travelers have reported that some of these buckets have been laced with LSD and this isn’t something that you want to surprise you during your Thai vacation. Also be advised that after the party, catching a ride to a nearby island where you are staying can be a difficult proposition as thousands of other travelers come here with the same idea. You may be better off preplanning your accommodation on the island if possible to eliminate long waits and of course the crowded ride back to your island of temporary residence. Haad Rin is the beach where the party is at its strongest so keep in mind that if it is a quick night out and a full night of sleep you are looking for, this is not the best place to find it. However for a long night of crazy fun and a nearby crash pad, Haad Rin is the place to be.

Though one should plan their trip to the Full moon Party with due diligence, you do not need to go overboard. The fact of the matter is that while this is one of the craziest parties you will ever enjoy, nearly everyone else is out to have a good time as well. Most of the party goers will be travelers just like you simply looking for a little beach to let loose at and enjoy themselves. If you control your alcohol consumption and steer clear of the shady dealings that go on here, you can help ensure yourself a safe stay fairly easily.

Remember that before flying into Thailand you must get all required travel documents and visas necessary. Once you arrive there is so much to do and see that many travelers will just let the road take them where it may and the laid back easy going atmosphere allows you to not have to show up with a strict itinerary.

In closing the full moon party at Koh Phangan is clearly an event unlike any other that makes for a dream trip for backpackers from around the world. The event continues to grow each year in popularity and the cheap cost and crazy nights on the beach will continue to draw large numbers of tourists here for years to come. With a bit of forethought and proper preparation, you trip to come see this one of a kind event up close and in person will go off without a hitch and you will be supplied with great travel stories for years to come.

Date posted: 4th November, 2012

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