Surfing in G-Land, Indonesia

G-Land, Indonesia

The set-up at G-land is nothing short of a surfer’s tropical fantasy: it has a dense jungle setting, teaming with wildlife and some comfy, but not too flashy, surf camps in-front of a long arching point holding multiple barrelling reefbreaks. Grajagan is a long, fast left hand barrel, often with an offshore breeze and always surfed in boardies.

There are at least four sections to G-land with a variety of waves. The outside Kongs, is a swell magnet for those rare under head high days. It has fun walling waves and a little deeper water. Further down the main G-land glory begins with Money Trees. A long walled, almond shaped barrel, this is the picture perfect wave that made Grajagan famous.

The further down you go the faster it gets. Enter Speedies, the super-fast and ever accelerating, hollow, top to bottom tube. The final section at G-land is 20/20s and is not so demanding and can be a playful intermediate wave or a fun day when it is too big (six times overhead) for the outer reefs.

Date posted: 31st July, 2017

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