Garden Route South Africa

Garden Route South Africa

In addition, green forests, unspoiled beaches, and wildlife viewing spots all contribute as well to overall form a panaromic diagram of amazing natural beauty, The Garden Route is not named for any seed or plant garden, but rather for the green forests, vegetation, and verdant mountains that run alongside this route, providing a stark contrast to the country’s dry and desert-like interior. Running more than 370 miles from the cities of Cape Town to Port Elizabeth along the coutnry’s on the country’s , this is a road trip known as a natural paradise wonder that few will want to miss.

Garden Route in South Africa

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The trip typically starts in Cape Town at Mossel Bay, one of the three main resort towns that form some of the major stopping points and highlights of this trip (the other two being Knysna and Plettenburg Bay); Mossel Bay is a seaside historic town, famous for being discovered by the Portuguese explorer Bartholomeu Dias, with a museum dedicated to this explorer (the Bartholomue Dias Museum) that is a popular tourist spot.

Plettenburg Bay

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Continuing along on the N2 raod, you will next come across the resort town of Knysna, known as the Pearl of the Garden Route due to its renown picturesque Knysna oyster lagoon, and one of the most beautiful portions of this route as you pass between the lush Knysna forest, the Knysna Lourie, and the Knysna estuary (the mouth of this estuary is known as the Heads, two sandstone cliffs that are considered to be one fo the most striking geological features along the entire South African coast).

Knysna forest

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Wilderness National Park is also a must see destination, with the Knysna Lourie, estuaries, waterfalls, hiking trails, a growth of flowers that carpets the entire grounds of this park (in springtime only, unfortunately), and much more awaiting its visitors. Other side destinations include the Knysna Elephant park where one can go on an elephant ride through the forest.

Knysna Elephant park

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Further along is the seaside resort of Plettenburg Bay, the third of the three main resort towns that line this route; entering Plettenburg Bay, one will pass through the amazing scenery offered by the great forests at the base of the Tsitsikamma mountains, which are said to be the most indigenous forests of this entire country, with temperate rain forests, over 300 species of birdlife, the last of South Africa’s living forest elephants, and a spectacular combination of wetlands, fynbos, and forest.

Tsitsikamma Mountains

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This particular area of this route is also known for its fantastic rivers, beaches, and the bay itself, all of which are safe for swimming, scuba diving, sailing, and other water sports activities; famous beaches in particular include Robberg Beach and Central Beach.

Robberg Beach

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Other side destinations include a trip to Cango Caves near Oudtshoorn, where tours of airless underground tunnels and caves have thrilled countless numbers of tourists, Monkeyland, a top eco-tourist attraction where one can walk through and even interact with monkeys, and the town of Bloukrans, known primarily for having the highest sing span arch bridge in the world that is also the world’s tallest legal bungee jump at 709 feet (to bungee jump off of this bridge one must sign up with a company called Face Adrenalin – independent bungee jumps off of this bridge are not allowed). Arriving in the town of Port Elizabeth Town, one may wish to visit the Addo Elephant Park, the Shamwari Game Reserve, and the historic Donkin Heritage Trail, which showcases the journey of the 1820s settlers. Finishing this stunning and magnificent road trip, one may wish to reflect on the lush, verdant, and spectacular natural wonders that this African country presents along its coastline.

Date posted: 14th April, 2016

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