Adirondack Mountains

Garnet Mine

Barton Mines Rd, North River, N.Y. USA

The Garnet Mine is one of the Historic Barton Mines, Established in 1878. It has one of the world’s largest garnet deposits. The mine is located in the beautiful Adirondack Mountains, 2400 Ft. above sea level, about four hours from New York City. Barton started mining garnet from the mine in 1878, for the purpose of grinding it down and using it for the surface of sandpaper. He soon realized that the Gore Mountain garnet deposit was the largest of it’s kind in the Adirondacks.  With an unusual ruby red color that flashes in the sun the Barton garnet was made the New York State Gem Stone, by Governor Nelson Rockefeller in 1969.

Tours leave hourly from the Gore Mountain Mineral Shop. You will follow the guide to the Garnet Mines in your own car.  When you arrive at the mines, your guide will explain the history and geology of the Garnet mines, and how to find your own Garnet as you search around pit # 1. Crystals can be as large as 20” across. Finding and collecting facet grade Garnet is very easy, and really all you need is good eyes and a hammer to breal open the crystals.

This mine is said to be the oldest family owned mine in the U.S. It is wheelchair accessible and very child friendly.

Date posted: 1st January, 2013

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