Getting VIP Treatment

Getting VIP Treatment

Let’s face it, unless you’ve got the cash to splash, getting VIP treatment is a seldom seen phenomenon.

During my travels I have been on the receiving end of some wonderful treatment at the hands of complete strangers, something that never happens at home and it certainly had nothing to do with my celebrity status (or lack thereof).

My advice for adventurers is as follows. Head out on your journey with an open heart, an open mind and wonderful things will happen to you. This might not mean getting ushered to the front of the line at the hottest nightspots, but in reality there is so much more impressive things out there to experience.

It’s hard not to feel like a VIP when you’re being ferried around town in a private tuk-tuk, that’s costing a couple of dollars.

It’s the people you meet and the experiences shared, that will stay with you long after the memories of 15 hour bus rides, ancient ruins and that time you paid ‘tourist price’ for a bintang T-shirt, fade into oblivion.

Your extra special, VIP treatment will not come in the form of an upgrade to the penthouse suite, but if you play your cards right it might get you a complimentary mosquito net, or something of equal, almost priceless value.

Remember to be generous if travelling through a less fortunate country, try to keep a smile on your face even if you find yourself well out of your comfort zone. A positive attitude will endear you to the locals and help to ease your passage.

Do your best to soak up the warmth from locals when they ask where you’re from and why you dress like that? They’re as curious about you as you are of them so indulge your new host’s and the will surely return the favour.

Date posted: 20th May, 2015

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