Goiania is a mid-sized city in central Brazil, and capital of the Goiás region. It was founded in 1933 as one of several major planned cities. The city is in a radial design, with Avenida Goias running north-south and intersecting Avenida Anhanguera in the middle of the city. It was designed by Atilio Correia Lima, and the original buildings are in the art-deco style of the period.

Originally designed for around 50,000 inhabitants, and intended to replace the City of Goias which was not able to meet the administrative needs of a state capital, the population has now grown to over a million.

For the tourist during the day there is plenty to see and do, with many museums, stadiums, theatres, plus shopping centres, commercial streets, street and hippie fairs, and parks. In fact, thirty percent of the city’s area is covered in trees, wooded areas and parks. The main one is the Bosque dos Buritis, with three artificial lakes, and containing the Goiania Art Museum. You can also check out the Anthropological Museum, the Ornithological Museum, or the Praça Tamandaré (Public Square) for local artwork and handicrafts.

There are two music festivals, Bananada in May and Goiânia Noise in December. There is also a good choice of bars and restaurants. In the evening, there is a lively nightlife, with plenty of bars, pubs and night clubs.

Date posted: 28th June, 2018

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