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Golden Eye movie locations

The Tusker Dam, Lake Verzasca, at Hittnau in Switzerland is a place where opening sequence of Bond’s spectacular bungee jump is filmed. The scenes in which Bond races with Xenia Onatopp are filmed in the mountain roads around Thorenc, which is about 20 miles north of Grasse. The Casino de Monte Carlo, Monaco is one of the worth seeing places where Bond arrives. The scene in which Onatopp steals the Stealth helicopter is also filmed at Monte Carlo. Monte Carlo is a heaven for casino lovers as it is widely known for its casino and its reputation.

Another very captivating building shown in the movie is the SIS building. The scene of M’s office is filmed at the SIS building, which is located at 85 Albert Embankment on the river Thames by Vauxhall Bridge. The SIS building is one of the best pieces of architecture, which reminds you of an ancient Babylonian ziggurat.

Much of the tank chase, in the movie was filmed on a huge set, which was built in Leavesden, Hertfordshire. However, some scenes were filmed in St Petersburg in Russia, which is a remarkable site to visit. The scene in which Wade uses a sledgehammer to fix his motor is also filmed in the St Petersburg square.

The ‘St Petersburg’ square has always been a favorite place of film makers as you can see this beautiful place in films like Shanghai Knights, Sleepy Hollow, etc. This square has great significance as it serves as an open-air venue for international concerts. The scene in which Bond is met by Jack Wade is filmed at the Queen’s Stand, Epsom Surrey.

The Langham hotel is a great place to stay. Some scenes of the movie are also filmed there. If you are a diehard fan of ‘GoldenEye’, you must visit this impressive hotel located at the top of Regent Street opposite the BBC’s Broadcasting House. You will surely enjoy your visit to the Langham hotel as it is located in the heart of London from where you can get access to fashionable shopping areas.

St Sofia’s Greek Cathedral on Moscow Road in Bayswater, London is also shown in the film as the interior of the Russian church. It is one of the remarkable pieces of construction in London. You can also see this beautiful church in other movies like ‘The Music Lovers’. The Arecibo Observatory is another outstanding place to visit. The climax of the GoldenEye is filmed there. The Arecibo Observatory is located near the city of Arecibo in Puerto Rico. You can see this Observatory in many films like Cosmos: A Personal Voyage, Contact, etc.

The scene in which General Ourumov learns that Natalya has survived the GoldenEye explosion is filmed in the ‘St Petersburg’ council chamber, which is located on Throgmorton Street, EC2 in the City of London.

Put briefly, the movie is filmed at various captivating places of Puerto Rico, London, Monaco, Hertfordshire, Russia, France, Surrey, and Switzerland. Enjoy the movie and make a list of places to spend your vacation.

Date posted: 14th November, 2013

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