Golf on the Gold Coast

Golf on the Gold Coast

The Gold Coast of Portugal has become one of the top golfing destinations in Europe over the last two decades. The region is extremely popular with golfers looking for a more cost effective way to experience Golf in the Mediterranean sunshine. Cheaper than Spain, France and Italy, golf on the Portuguese Gold Coast provides some of the best budget sunshine golf in Europe. With access to family holiday activities such as beaches, fun parks and entertainment, the Gold Coast is perfect for Golfers who also wish to take their family on vacation with them. There are a host of exceptional golf courses in this area; below we take a look at the best of them.

Quinta do Peru

Quinta do Perú is located close to Southeast Lisbon and was one of the original golfing developments in the region. Setting out what has come to be to standard business model for new golf courses in Portugal, Quinta do Perú is a golf course set in landscaped grounds, with land plots being sold for house construction under a condominium agreement. A high percentage of the local residents of Quinta do Perú are avid golfers, and the golf community is vibrant and welcoming. The course itself is quite challenging, with the front 9 holes being noted as easier to play than the back 9 holes. This was entirely intentional when the course was designed, allowing golfers time to warm up on the first 9 so that they were on their top game by the final 9. The course is suitable for both beginners and pros alike, and is considered to offer some of the best golf in Portugal.

Course data: 18 Holes – Length 6,036m/5,645m/4,703m – Par 72

Aroeira I

Aroeira I is located to the Southeast of Lisbon, and is a fine, well established course offering world class golf. Popular with Lisbon residents as it is just a short drive from the city centre. The course is set within heavily wooded grounds, offering plenty of shade even on the hottest day. The course opens with a very tricky par 4, which requires a well placed second shot to avoid a very nasty water hazard on the left and a bunker on the right. Indeed, this is famed as one of the most difficult opening holes on the Gold Coast.

Course data: 18 Holes – Length 6,044m/5,540m/5,186m – Par 72

Estoril Golf Club

Estoril Golf Club

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Estoril Golf Club is the oldest pro golf course on the Gold Coast. Originally established in 1929 as a 9 hole course, it was extended to a full 18 hole course in 1945. The popularity of this course has waxed and waned over the years. At one time it hosted the Portuguese Ladies Open, only to decline in popularity when the motorway was constructed right next to it. The course was once again redeveloped and is now popular again. Estoril Golf Club is famed for its particularly nasty 16th hole, a long 184 metre par 3. Estoril Golf Club is a good option for family golfers, as it also provides a short 9 hole course designed for young players and beginners.

Course data: Holes 9/18 – Length 6,290m/5,926m/5,512m/5,067m – Par 69

Belavista Golf Complex

Belavista Golf Complex was the very first municipal (fully public) golf course to be constructed in Portugal. It is located to the Northwest of Lisbon. The Belavista Golf Complex was designed to encourage young people and beginners to take up golf. The site contains a surprisingly demanding 9 holes course as well as a practice range. Holidaymakers may find this course to be the best option for family entertainment. A day spent at Belavista Golf Complex is more of a fun experience than professional golf.

Course data: Holes 9 – Length 1,956m – Par 32

Date posted: 14th February, 2015

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