Goodfellas movie locations

Goodfellas movie locations

Goodfellas is filmed in two beautiful states of the United States. These two states are: New York and New Jersey. The home of young Henry is located at 2409 32nd Street in Queens. This is the place where the scenes of Henry in which he spitefully watches the sharp-suited wise guys are filmed.

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The scene in which the grown-up Hill and pal Tommy DeVito steal a truck is filmed at Jackson Hole Airline Diner. Jackson Hole Diner is located at 69-35 Astoria Blvd, Queens, New York 11370 at 70th St. The cargo buildings of Kennedy Airport are also used in the movie to film few scenes of the movie. If you are a diehard fan of Goodfellas, you will surely want to visit Kennedy and Jackson Hole Diner airports. The scene in the kitschy Bamboo Lounge in which Tommy does his scary “funny guy” turn is filmed at the Hawaii Kai restaurant, which was located 49th Street at Broadway. Today, it is a stylish Japanese restaurant.

The scenes of Karen’s first date with Hill are filmed at Salerno’s Restaurant. Salerno’s Restaurant is a beautiful restaurant located at 11711 Hillside Avenue at Myrtle Avenue, Richmond Hill, Queens. The captivating restaurants can be seen in many other movies like ‘Awake’, etc.

Karen’s dating scenes with Hill are also filmed in Copacabana Nightclub, which was located at 10 East 60th Street at Fifth Avenue in Manhattan. Today it has closed but you can still see the entrance where the scenes of electrifying tracking were shot. The scene in which Hill relaxes with Karen after his first big airport job was shot in the posh beach club, which is located at 2041 Park Street in Atlantic Beach on Long Island.

One of the interesting aspects of this movie is the selection of various restaurants to shoot various scenes of the movie. The scenes in Suite Lounge of Hill are filmed in Sogdiana Restaurant, which is located at 7320 Grand Avenue at 73rd Place, Maspeth, Queens. The old name of this restaurant is the Spartan. You can recognize its exterior during filming in fifties.

The scene in which kids discover the bloody couple in a pink Cadillac is filmed on Long Island Railroad tracks on Babbage Street, Queens. The scene in which Jimmy Conway cuts his link from the airline robbery is also filmed on Long Island Railroad tracks. Long island is a worth-seeing place as it is the most populated island of the USA.

If you want to visit the shopping mall where the scene of Goodfellas in which Hill makes a phone call about being followed was filmed, you have to go to Richmond Avenue, Staten Island because this mall is located on Richmond Avenue. The Palisades Interstate Parkway is another place where the film is shot. It is a long highway with limited-access in the states of New Jersey and New York.

New York County Courthouse at 60 Centre Street is a place where the scenes of Henry Hill’s trial are filmed. Other places where the movie is filmed are Coney Island Avenue in Brooklyn, at Valley Stream, and Brooklyn’s Prospect Park, etc.

Date posted: 9th July, 2013

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